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All in one Monthly Bundles

What are All in One Monthly Bundles?



All in one bundles are a new integrated voice, data and SMS plan that allow you to choose a voice and data combination that suits your need. Our All in one plans are in Ksh 1,050. Ksh 2,100, Ksh 3,150, Ksh 5,200 and Ksh 10,430 price points.


All in one bundles allow our customers free WhatsApp after the bundle is finished so that they can continue keeping in touch.


Customers can access these bundles on;

  • USSD *544#
  • The customer then selects the preferred plan available 5 price points

Who is eligible?



The All in One Monthly Bundles are available to all Safaricom customers (prepaid, postpaid and hybrid).

What are the available purchase options for the All in One Monthly bundles?The bundles include 2GB YouTube bundle


All in One Monthly Bundles{Price}


Kshs 1050

5GB + 400 Mins + 1000SMS

Kshs 2100

15GB + 1000 Mins + 2000SMS

Kshs 3150

25GB + 1500 Mins + 3000SMS

Kshs 5200

35GB + 2500 Mins + 5000SMS

Kshs 10,430

50GB + 7500 Mins + 10000SMS



  1. The above All in One Monthly bundles can be bought once or on auto renew. All have a 30-day validity.
  2. Payment options available will be via Airtime and M-PESA

How can I purchase the All in One Monthly bundles?


  • Dial *544# select option PostPay & All in one which will display available plans for you
  • The bundles are also available on Mysafaricom APP

Does access to Free WhatsApp come with all All In One Monthly bundles?



Yes, Free WhatsApp is available once the customers exhaust their data bundle and the expiry date has not yet elapsed.

For how long will I be able to access the FREE WhatsApp?



You will be able to access FREE WhatsApp as long as the Bundle validity has not expired.

Can I purchase 2 different All in one monthly bundle for different amounts within the same month?



Yes, you can purchase the bundle as many times as you wish.

How do I check my balance?



Balance check on USSD *544#, *544*44# and 144 to show the balance of all the resources remaining (data and minutes)

NB: Customer will be able to check both Reserved and Recovered bundle (Data only) on balance check *544*44#

Can I purchase the new bundles for another number?



Yes, you can purchase for another number by dialing *544# and select the option for buy for another number.

Will I be able to Sambaza the bundle?



You can only transfer (Sambaza) up to 20 Mb of data from Safaricom All in One Monthly Bundle to other subscribers daily (10 Mbs per transfer). Voice minutes are not transferrable.

What is the order of priority of usage?


  • Free Resources (Stori Ibambe bonus, free minutes, free data)
  • Sherekea account (airtime, minutes, data)
  • Tunukiwa offers (hourly, daily,48hours, 72 hours, monthly)
  • Adhoc limited data
  • Advantage plan resources
  • Flex resources
  • All in One Monthly Bundles
  • Bonga redemption for SMS, data, minutes and airtime.

Can I make international calls using the Bundles?



No. The bundles can only be used for Local calls (will not be used for roaming or international services)

How do I stop auto renew?



Subscribers on All in One Monthly Bundles can Stop Automatic monthly renewals by dialling *544# and selecting “Stop Auto Renew”.

Will I earn Bonga Points once I purchase the bundles?



You will receive Bonga point’s on purchase of any of the All in One Monthly Bundles e.g. For Kshs 1,000 one will earn 100 Bonga Points.

NB: Kshs 10 spent earns 1 Bonga point

Will I accumulate Storo Bonus once I purchase the All in One Monthly Bundles?



Yes. Once you purchase a bundle, you will accumulate storo bonus points.

NB: This applies only to Pre-pay customers who have subscribed into the service.

Will customers who are on Karibu Postpay be able to purchase the All in One Monthly Bundles?



Customers on Karibu Postpay (1000, 2500) will not be able to purchase the All In one monthly bundles but will be prompted to terminate their current plan by sending an email to or visit Safaricom retail shops.

What happens when I purchase a bundle erroneously?



Our customer care agent will raise a ticket to our support team for the reversal to be effected.