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Advantage Plus is a value proposition from Safaricom that enables consumers on the path to success live an uninterrupted life by offering convenience, exceptional value, prestige and differentiated service benefits. Advantage Plus offers Safaricom PrePay and PostPay customers bundle plans geared to provide them with additional value of up to 85% plus the convenience that comes with having an integrated Voice, SMS and Data bundle.

The Kama Kawaida service is an established roaming zone by Safaricom in partnership with four of East Africa's leading mobile phone networks in Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda and South Africa: MTN Uganda Uganda Telecom (UTL) Vodacom Tanzania MTN Rwanda Vodacom South Africa

The Kama Kawaida service automatically enables both the Safaricom and partner network subscribers to enjoy extended and seamless connectivity via preferential tariff rates on Voice, SMS and Data as they travel anywhere within the three East African countries.

It is available to all Safaricom PostPay subscribers. You do not need to migrate to any special roaming tariffs. You do not require prior roaming access. If on PostPay, you do not require any roaming deposit. If on PrePay you can top up your phone using both Safaricom and partner networks' recharge vouchers (scratch cards) via Safaricom's PrePay Roaming Top-up service.

When travelling in East Africa, whether for business or pleasure, your phone will automatically select the MTN Uganda, UTL, Vodacom Tanzania or MTN Rwanda network based on the visited country. Should another network be selected, you will need to manually select one of the preferred partner networks above to enjoy the preferential tariff rates under the Kama Kawaida service. To do this, go to the Network Setting option on your phone (handset dependent), set this to Manual and select the preferred/approved roaming network within your roaming destination.

You will be charged the applicable rate as indicated in our tariff schedule.

When calling home or internationally while travelling in East Africa, simply dial the country code, the area code followed the phone number, e.g., +254 722 123 456 for a mobile number, +254 20 123 456 for a landline number in Nairobi or +4477 123456789 for a phone number in the UK. Similarly, when sending an SMS back home or internationally, use the format indicated above, i.e. +254 722 123 456.

You will top up your Safaricom PrePay line with Safaricom scratch cards in the same way as you would when back at home (in Kenya), by simply dialling *141* Voucher PIN # and pressing the OK' or 'Call' button.

You will simply dial the PrePay Customer Care number via +254 722 002 100. You will be charged the applicable rate indicated in the tariff schedule, i.e., the rate applicable to calls made back home (to Safaricom).

To subscribe, you will be required to visit a Retail Shop and: Fill out an application form Attach a copy of your ID to the application form Make payment:

One can pay deposit equivalent to the limit required above the basic Kes. 2000 activation

You are only required to go to their nearest Safaricom Shop and fill out a simple application form and attach a copy of your ID.

Will be Kes. 2000, however one can pay deposit equivalent to the limit required above the basic Kes. 2000 activation.

Credit limit is equivalent to the deposit.

No. All deposits must be in cash.

You can roam in over 200 networks around the world. The list of available destinations can be found on

Call any destination within the country you are visiting by simply dialling the relevant area code and number. To call home (Kenya) : Dial + 254 followed by the desired number, e.g., Safaricom mobile, dial +254 7xx xxxxxx, or Nairobi landline, dial +254 20 xxxxxx. To call other countries: Dial + country code, area code, number, e.g., UK + 4477 xxxxxxxxx. To send an SMS to Kenya or internationally: Type your message and send to the number as above..


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