Halal Pesa Faq

This is the first Shari’ah compliant based digital financing product powered by MPESA in partnership with Gulf African Bank Ltd. Currently it is a financing product only and does not have saving, which will be introduced later.

This product was designed to cater to our Muslim customers who stay out of other lending products since they don’t adhere to Shari’ah law. Shari’ah law does not support/allow taking loans/borrowing money from banks or individuals where interest is charged.

Since Halal Pesa product is based on Shari’ah principles, it operates under Tawarruq model: which basically means that the customer is given a facility and not a loan. For customers who would like to verify the Shari’ah compliance of the product and other product details please visit www.gulfafricanbank.com

Halal pesa is available to All M-PESA registered users.

Go the M-PESA Super App under the “Grow” option, Halal Pesa mini App. For customer without the M-PESA App, download from either the App store or Google play store


  • Dial *334#
  • Select Loans and Savings
  • Select Halal Pesa
  • Select Register
  • Check terms and conditions, read and then accept the terms and conditions
  • Enter your MPESA PIN. You will receive a confirmation message from Halal Pesa

Yes. However, the assigned limit shall be distributed between the different mobile phone numbers.

The Halal Pesa limit will be allocated during opt- in process and customer will be notified via SMS. Go Halal Pesa mini App or Dial *334#

  • Select Facility
  • Select Check limit
  • Enter your MPESA PIN

No. Only one facility can be requested at a time.

The minimum amount allowed is Kshs.1000. One cannot request for an amount less than this.

A customer may repay partially or in full;

  • Go to Halal Pesa mini App or Dial *334#
  • Go to Facility
  • Select Pay Facility
  • Select facility to be paid
  • Select option to pay in full or partial.
  • For full payment, enter the M-PESA PIN and confirm to pay
  • For partial payment, enter the amount, M-PESA PIN and confirm to pay

If facility is not paid by day 31, the facility will be restructured to allow for another 30days at a 5% profit rate of the principal amount: Example: if you were given a facility of Ksh.1000, at profit rate of 5%, the total due on day 30 will be Ksh.1000 + Ksh.50 = Ksh.1050. If you are unable to pay by date 31 then the facility is restructured at a 5% profit rate again, where you will be expected to pay Ksh.1000+Ksh.50+Ksh.50 = Ksh.1100 by day 60. After day 60 no other charges will be applied on the facility.

Go to Halal Pesa mini App or Dial *347#

  • Select Check Balance
  • Enter right MPESA PIN

Go to Halal Pesa mini App or Dial *347#

  • Select Facility
  • Select Facility Balance
  • Enter right MPESA PIN
  • You will receive a message: “Your Halal Pesa outstanding Facility balance is Ksh.xxxx.xx due on 09-05-2022.

Minimum = Ksh.1,000 and Maximum = Ksh.15,000 (first time customers) & Ksh.20,000 (repeat customers) subject to customer’s qualifying limit

Go to the Halal Pesa mini app or Dial *334#

  • Select Opt Out
  • Confirm you want to opt out
  • Enter M-PESA PIN

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