The new data tariff now allows customers to buy data with NO EXPIRY DATE, for any amount they wish.

TThe data will not expire. The customer gets to use the entire bundle until it depletes.

The new data tariff is available to all Safaricom customers (prepaid, postpaid and hybrid).

The new data plans are available on *544#, My Safaricom App, and Web on

Yes, customers can purchase the data as many times as they like.

No. The New Data bundles will not have free access to WhatsApp.

Customers can buy the new data plan with Airtime and M-PESA. The customer will be prompted to select the payment option before completing the purchase.

Yes, you can purchase the new data plan for another number as well.

Yes, customers will earn Bonga points for each purchase as per the current conversion rate.

Yes. The customer can still buy the old Data Bundles with Bonga points. They however will not be able to buy the new data plan with Bonga points.

Yes, customers will be able to browse without data using their airtime at KSh 4.3 per MB.

Customers can subscribe to My Data Manager by dialing *544# and selecting Normal Bundles with Expiry on option 3.

Yes, the customer will receive balance notifications at 500MB, 75MB and 2MB.
The customer will also receive a depletion notification upon the data plan’s depletion.

Yes, you will be able to sambaza data from the new tariff, between 5MB and 10MB per transaction, with a maximum of 20MB per day.

The normal bundles with an expiry date will be used up first before the data in the new tariff.

No. The validity of the old bundles with expiry cannot be extended with the new data plan.

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