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The Biashara Smart offer is a prepay solution enabling Micro businesses to grow through bundling value-added services that address the needs of a growing business. The offer is for Micro and SME businesses as well as existing Pochi la Biashara and Lipa Na M-Pesa customers. The basic offer contains voice minutes, data and SMS. The advanced options may include closed user group, internet domain service or discounted smart phones, depending on the option you select.

The bundle that you select depends on your payment preference. If your business runs on a monthly budget and you prefer to be billed monthly, then you should select the monthly version that suits you. Otherwise, you can select the daily option if it is more convenient to purchase as needed. However, it is important to note that selecting the monthly option will be more economical in the long run.

You can get the Biashare Smart bundle by dialing *485# on your line. You can also get the bundle by dialling the pochi la biashara USSD *334# and selecting option “Pochi la Biashara” then selecting “Biashara Smart”.

The product is on a prepaid model hence you pre-purchase before use. The payment is made either via Airtime or M-PESA.

You can check your balance by dialing *544# on your line and selecting “balance & Tips”. If you do not see it on the first menu, select “more” which is option “98”.

You can buy another bundle by dialing *485# and selecting the biashara smart option you require.

You can renew your product by dialing *485# and selecting the biashara smart option you require.

You can change your product by dialing *485#.

Yes. The daily bundle expires after 24hrs and the monthly bundle expires after 30 days.

Priority in consumption will be given to the Biashara Smart resources, after which the prevailing prioritization in consumption attributed to your existing Tariff will prevail.

Yes. The sponsor line will need to deactivate ʻData Managerʼ on *544# to browse at Biashara Smart preferential rates. However, your beneficiaries can browse with their ʻData Managerʼ on.

Yes. When your Biashara Smart resource runs out, you can top up your line with airtime and continue to enjoy preferential rates.

Yes. You will be awarded Bonga Points equivalent to the value of your Biashara Smart Bundle subscription as per prevailing Bonga conversion rates. However, you need to have joined bonga points by dialing *126#.

The offer is open to business owners of small office / home office, micro and small businesses who can provide the below KYC documentation;

  • For company registered lines; Contact Person Identification, National ID or Valid Passport and Pin/VAT Registration Certificate.
  • For individual registered lines; Contact Person Identification, National ID or Valid Passport.

The bundle is set as a one off. Hence you do not need to opt out. The daily bundle expires after 24 hrs and the monthly bundle expires after one month. Moreover, if the resources of the bundle get depleted then you line will continue using your regular tariff.

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