1. Terms and Conditions for the Merchant Overdraw Service
  2. M-PESA GO Account Terms and Conditions
  3. Terms and Conditions for MALI Investment Product
  4. Terms and conditions for the use of the M-PESA Virtual Card
  5. M-PESA App
  6. M-PESA Business to Business (B2B) Contract Terms and Conditions
  7. Halal Pesa
  8. M-PESA @15 App Incentive
  9. Book a Flight and Giftpesa Incentive
  10. Lipa na M-PESA Biashara Till Terms & Conditions
  11. Biashara Ni Lipa Na M-PESA
  12. Safaricom Bonus M-PESA Top Up Promotion
  13. Fuliza Terms and Conditons
  14. M-Shwari Terms and Conditions (Effective 27th May 2021)
  15. The Use of the “MY M-PESA” Application
  16. The Use of M-PESA Business Application
  17. M-PESA Services (B2C, Bulk Payment, Lipa Na M-PESA, Short-Term Paybill & Surepay)
  18. Terms and Conditions for M-PESA Bill Manager
  19. Lipa na M-PESA Do More Promotion Terms & Conditions
  20. M-PESA for Business Portal Terms & Conditions
  21. M-PESA Products Terms & Conditions
  22. Fuliza M-PESA Terms & Conditions
  23. M-PESA Global Customer Service Terms & Conditions
  24. Customer Credit Service Terms & Conditions
  25. Lipa Na M-PESA Cashback Promotion
  26. M-PESA 1 Tap Card Terms and Conditions
  27. M-PESA 1 Tap POS Devices Terms And Conditions
  28. Okoa Stima Service Terms & Conditions
  29. KCB M-PESA Account Terms & Conditions
  30. Lipa na M-PESA(Merchants) Terms & Conditions
  31. M-Shwari Terms & Conditions
  32. M-Shwari Lock Savings Account Terms & Conditions
  33. M-PESA Customer Terms & Conditions
  34. The M-PESA Top-Up Promotion
  35. M-PESA PayBill
  36. Mobile Trade Credit Terms & Conditions
  37. The Use of The Safaricom M-PESA Statement Service
  38. Petro Oil Kenya Lipa na M-PESA Promotion

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