LIPA Mdogo Mdogo

a. It’s available to all prepaid customers who meet the eligibility criteria.
b. Dial *544# to check your eligibility.
c. For non-eligible customers, an SMS notification will be sent with the
reason why you are not eligible or how to become eligible.

Dial *544# and select from the available phones.

Visit any Safaricom shop near you and present the voucher reference number. You will need your ID card and a down payment of KShs. 1,000.

Dial *544# and select pay for daily, weekly, part or full payment. Alternatively, on the Lipa Mdogo Mdogo App and choose daily, weekly, part or full payment.

You will receive reminder notifications. In case of default in payment:

a. On the fourth (4th) day after the repayment deadline, Safaricom will
lock the device, limiting your use;

b. Should you continue to default, on the 7th day, you will be barred from
all outgoing calls and SMS’.

c. Should you default for 30 days, you will be blacklisted and disqualified
for subsequent device loan facilities and your details will be forwarded
to the CRB.

Yes. M-PESA reversal is available for this service.

Yes. You will receive a free 1GB Data Bundle at the point of purchase. In addition, if you pay consecutively for 7 days you will receive a free 100MB YouTube Bundle.

You will only be able to pay via M-PESA.

No. You must deposit money on M-PESA to pay.

Yes. You are at liberty to buy the phone for someone else. Please note that your registered line shall be responsible for daily payments.

Dial *544#, select Lipa Mdogo Mdogo, then check balance.

The phones have a one year manufacturer’s warranty. Terms and conditions apply.

Yes. You have the option of paying in full if you have the funds on your M-PESA.

Mdogo Mdogo. You can also get in touch with us thorugh the LMM app, visit us at the nearest Safaricom shop, or call Safaricom customer care lines 100 or 200.

Report any lost or stolen phones to the police. NB: You will however need to continue to make repayments for the duration of the Lipa Mdogo Mdogo.

You will only be able to buy one phone at a time.

Yes. You can purchase another device if you qualify.

No. At the moment we do not have the capability to pay for this service.

You will use USSD option to pay for the loan via your sim card (Dial *544# and select pay) since the loan is tied to your sim card. Remember there are two platforms the customer can use to make payments the App and USSD.

No. It does not require data bundles to operate but will require data bundles to connect.

No, it is not possible. We will continuously monitor & enhance the app’s security to ensure this doesn’t happen.

No, it is not possible. We will continue to improve our lock ware to ensure this doesn’t happen.

Yes, for as long as device is not in locked state.

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