"We are committed to Transforming Lives through the Sustainable Development Goals"

Peter Ndegwa | Chief Executive Officer

Stephen Kiptinness

Corporate Affairs

Stephen Kiptinness | Chief Officer

We will drive the implementation of the SDGs within Safaricom. We will empower the business to fully understand, embrace and deliver on this agenda and ensure Safaricom remains a local and global leader in this area. We shall also inspire and mobilise the broader business community in Kenya to adopt this mission.

Michael Mutiga

Business Development

Michael Mutiga | Chief Officer

The Sustainable Development Goals constitute an integral component of our transforming lives agenda. We will develop business strategies that deliver connectivity and drive innovation to meet the needs of our country and build the future that we want.

Nicholas Mulila

Corporate Security

Nicholas Mulila | Chief Officer

We will manage our business responsibly and fight corruption in all its forms and shapes to ensure we have strong foundation for our business and society to thrive.

Paul Kasimu


Paul Kasimu | Chief Officer

We are committed to fostering an empowered workforce within our ecosystem to realize the development of our nation.

Dilip Pal


Dilip Pal | Chief Officer

We will deliver top in class labour and finance practices within Safaricom and in our broader ecosystem in order to promote solid and resilient growth.

Fawzia Ali-Kimanthi

Consumer Business

Fawzia Ali-Kimanthi | Acting Chief Officer

We will leverage our products and services to meet the needs of our customers, from connectivity to value added services such as health or education, and in so doing we will contribute to the advancement of the SDGs.

Denish Osodo

Internal Audit

Denish Osodo | Director

We will work with all Divisions in the business to track our progress in implementation of the SDGs, and to advance this agenda together.

Esther Masese Waititu

Financial Services

Esther Masese Waititu | Chief Officer

We will drive innovation and financial inclusion by developing products and services that will transform lives and spur economic growth.

Lucille Aveva

Customer Obsession

Lucille Aveva | Director

We will represent the voice of the customer and understand their needs, enhance their experience, and respond to the needs of our economy and our society.

Morten Bangsgaard

Technology & Information

Morten Bangsgaard | Chief Officer

We will deliver best in class connectivity and leverage our technologies to improve the quality of life of Kenyans and contribute to the achievement of the SDGs.

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