Shiriki PrePay Airtime

It is a prepay plan that Business Owners and or Customers (referred to as Sponsors) can share communication resources depending on their changing requirements for calling, browsing and SMS.

By Dialing *234*11# and Select the plan as per their needs.

  • A sponsor is the customer that buys the plans.
  • A sponsor can share the airtime with others-Referred to as Beneficiaries.
  • Sponsors can share up to 14 beneficiaries.
  • Sponsors can also choose to use the Airtime alone without sharing.
  • All resources shall sit on the sponsor wallet. A beneficiary shall only use their allocation from the sponsor’s line. If they (beneficiary) exhaust the allocation, then priority of usage shifts to any other resources they may have.
  • Should the Sponsor deplete their resources, they will utilize the resources of the beneficiary since all resources sit with the Sponsor.
  • The Sponsor will also be able to remove beneficiaries and check their balance and that of the beneficiaries.
  • The Sponsor will receive usage threshold notifications for their Shiriki Prepay Airtime.

  • There are 6 plans as below.
  • Access to highly subsidized as below.

The plans are valid for 30days.

All the unused resources expire at the end of the month, no rollover

Package Name

No.           of Users (Including



Voice        per        Min (KES)

International Calling               Zone A**



Data        per MB (KES)



Shiriki Ksh 1,500









Shiriki Ksh 3,000





Shiriki Ksh 4,500





Shiriki Ksh 6,300





Shiriki Ksh 9,000





Shiriki Ksh 13,500





M-PESA, Airtime and Fuliza.

Buy Once or Auto-Renew (Applicable only for Airtime)

All-Apart from PostPay.

As the sponsor buys the plans, they will get a prompt to pay the outstanding Okoa on the same purchase journey.

Sponsors can call business support by calling 2222 or 200 or email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and most importantly, their Sales Manager in EBU. Beneficiaries retain their respective support line as 100.

This is a prepay plan. Should a sponsor require a different plan, all they need to do is purchase it by dialing *234*11#.

Dial *234#, select ‘’Shiriki Plans for Business’’, then select “Add Beneficiary” option. Follow the prompts.



Beneficiary MSISDN entered is not of the correct length

Dear Customer, You have entered an Invalid Number. Please ensure that the number starts with a zero(0) and the length of the number is 10. Thank you

Beneficiary MSISDN entered does not exist (Example an Competitor MSISDN)

Dear Customer, the number you have entered does not exist. Please ensure that you enter a Safaricom number. Thank you

Beneficiary MSISDN entered is not active (Example the MSISDN is not active on our systems)

Dear Customer, the number could not be added as a beneficiary at the moment. Please reconfirm the number with the beneficiary. Thank you.

Beneficiary MSISDN entered is already on Shiriki

Dear Customer, the number is already on Shiriki. Please try another number. Thank you

Internal   Technical   Error        (In cases of a system outage)

Dear Customer, we are currently unable to add the beneficiary. Please try again later. Thank you.

Dial *234*11#, select ‘Add Beneficiary, Enter the Beneficiary Number, Nick Name and Limit. A beneficiary can only enjoy Shiriki rates up to the allocated amounts. After exhausting the assigned limit they shall need to top up and be charged prevailing rates on Uwezo.

Dial *234*11#, then select “Remove Beneficiary” option. Follow the prompts.

Yes, and the anniversary date will be adjusted to 30days from the date of the new purchase.

No. The plan does not allow Sambaza airtime. The plan only allows sharing resources with selected beneficiaries by allocating them a limit.

By dialing USSD code *234# and selecting the “Check Balance” option and select sponsor number.

No. Beneficiary balance check is not available currently. The Sponsor can however check balance for beneficiaries under their Shiriki Plan.

Yes. The Sponsor will be awarded Bonga Points equivalent to the value of your Shiriki subscription as per prevailing Bonga conversion rates.


Shorter validity bundles are used first. Example, if a sponsor has a 24hour validity, that will be used before the 30day Shiriki Prepay Airtime.

No. You will need to top up your line with normal airtime to be able to roam. The International Calling is supported for only Zone A (India, China, Canada and USA). Normal international calling rates apply for all other countries. Prevailing roaming charges for calling and browsing will apply and will be deducted from the airtime value.

Yes. This is dependent use patterns of the sponsor, and beneficiaries if any.

Yes. Customers can top-up their line with normal airtime and buy data bundles via *544#.

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