SIM Registration Update Requirements

This a process where you are required to verify your Sim Registration documents by clicking on or visiting any Safaricom outlets countrywide. This is in line with Communication Authority guidelines.

You can dial *106# and select option number one to check your Registration status.

You will be required to submit the following documentation: Identification Document used during Registration (Original) and Customer’s signature

No. The Safaricom Agent will scan your ID at the shop. Alternatively, you can upload your Original ID photo by clicking on and follow the simple steps

You are required to update your Sim Registration details based on the registration document used for registration of your line. This includes Alien ID, Military ID or Passports.

The person that registered the line on your behalf can verify their Original ID details by clicking on and follow the simple steps. Should you wish to have the Registration details under your ID, you can both visit the nearest shop with your original IDs and request that ownership of the line be transferred to you.

Dial *106# and access option 1: Check Registration Status to get a view of your status and numbers registered to your ID

No. Once you dial *106# and you are compliant, you do not need to visit the shop.

The process takes about 3 minutes to complete at the Safaricom Outlet. The agent will scan your original Identification document used during registration. These will be captured in the system together with your signature to complete your SIM registration process. Alternatively, self-update your sim registration and submit your Original ID details click on and follow the simple steps

We will retain those numbers and verify their registration. If not claimed within the next 30 days, the lines will be recycled.

An agent will capture your details once.

The system will forward your details to Safaricom for checks and validations. You can Dial *106# to check the status of your registration at any time.

The agent will get a prompt from the system requesting them to capture the correct details.

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