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BuuPass is a market place that provides ticketing solutions in an easy and convenient manner for buses, flights and train at the palm of your hand.

You can book your ticket from anywhere anytime using any device.

  1. You can book your ticket from anywhere anytime using any device
  2. Saves you time and money
  3. Provides you with a variety of bus options
  4. You can select your seat and pay via M-PESA

No, booking online on is at no charge, the same as over the counter.

We have 4 bus companies currently on the platform;

  1. Easy Coach,
  2. Modern Coast,
  3. Palmers Pacific Express
  4. Greenline Safaris.

Simply dial *877# using any Safaricom line or visit for bookings.

This can be done at the respective bus company office.

CIn case of loss or no confirmation message received kindly contact our customer care on 0715763362 for assistance.

Tickets are printed from the bus station office after presentation of the confirmation SMS.

Kindly check if the number of seats captured in the ticket SMS matches the tickets paid for.

Each customer is allowed to book tickets for a maximum of up to 5 seats.

Currently M-PESA is the only available payment option.

  • If an M-PESA pop up does not appear on your phone a text message follows soon with the details on how to make payments via paybill.
  • In addition, for the M-PESA pop up to appear a client should update their M-PESA menu.

  • It will take less than 4 minutes to make payments.
  • If a customer takes longer than 4 minutes, they will have to start the booking once again to receive another valid account number to be able to make payments.

  1. For booking, we start with the departure town then destination town.
  2. There are several pages displaying the towns.

Seat arrangements depends on the bus company but far left and the far right are window seats.

Yes. This happens when a customer takes more than 3 minutes to key in their details especially using the USSD code *877#. Customers should key in their details in a timely manner.

Yes. It is possible using the date format shown e.g. 31/05/2021.

  1. Dial *877# from your Safaricom line
  2. Select the bus company
  3. Select the origin town
  4. Select destination town
  5. Enter date
  6. Select the time of travel (day or night)
  7. Select bus option
  8. Select the seat number(s) (can choose up to 5 seats)
  9. Enter name
  10. Enter national ID number
  11. Pay with M-Pesa (STK push)
  12. Get BuuPass confirmation SMS that acts as the ticket 

  1. Choose origin, destination, and date of travel.
  2. Choose bus from the bus options
  3. Choose seat number(s) (can choose up to 5 seats)
  4. Enter passenger and payment details
  5. Pay with M-Pesa (STK push)
  6. Get BuuPass confirmation SMS that acts as the ticket

  1. Helpline number: 0715763362
  2. Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  3. Customers can also reach BuuPass team via their Facebook page and chat support on BuuPass website

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