Niko Na Safaricom

Hope, pride, hard work, progress and community are synonymous to Kenyans.

The Niko na Safaricom campaign is a celebration of our Kenyanness. It portrays Safaricom as a brand for everyone. It is a metaphor for the diversity of our customer base and our deep-rooted connection with the Kenyan market.

This campaign came at a time when we were celebrating our 10th anniversary of immense success. It covers every bit of the journey Safaricom has been through to get where it is today as the country's leading telecoms operator.

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Niko Na Safaricom Lyrics

Nafurahia Undugu na ukoo wetu

Nasherekea Kazi na bidii yetu

Tuvute pamoja Tushirikiane

Bega Kwa Bega tujikaze tusaidiane

Niko na

Niko na uwezo

Wakuji Kujiendeleza

Niko na

Niko nayo nguvu



Niko na 

Niko na fanaka



Niko na

Niko na baraka 

Kwa kazi

Kazi nayofanya

Niko na Fahari 

Niko na furaha

Niko na uwezo 


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