5G for Business

5G for Business is the next evolution for fixed wireless internet (Wi-Fi) services that will offer businesses high-speed and reliable internet connectivity on our fast 5G network in Kenya.

5G for Business will initially be offered in areas where we have rolled out 5G network. We will gradually expand on our covered areas and keep you posted on our rollout when we arrive in your area.

Our sales teams will reach to customers within 5G coverage and engage them for onboarding. You can also express your interest through business.safaricom.co.ke or by dialling *485# and select “Get Connected” for our teams to get back to you.

5G for Business will be available on below packages. Speeds and data bundle allocation for the packages will vary as indicated. There will also be a one-off cost of Ksh 5,000 to cover delivery and setup of the service.


Price (Kes)

Speed (Mbps) Up-to

Data Cap (GB)

Extra Allocation on Depletion

Delivery and Set-up fee





+5 GB Daily






+10 GB Daily






+15 GB Daily


5G for Business Wi-Fi router will be offered by Safaricom. Entry level routers will be sold at:

  • One off cost of Ksh 25,000 or any other prevailing retail price for indoor routers.
  • Amortization over 12 months, 24 months and 36 months. Amortization will require credit vetting and customer to sign a contract for the period.

Note: Outdoor routers will retail at a higher price

5G for Business will be offered as postpaid subscription. Postpaid monthly bill will be run at the end of every month (on the 1st of the succeeding month) and the bill will be due on the 16th of the bill run month. Your account will be due for disconnection if bill is not settled on time. You can pay via:

  • Paybill 200200 with the CI as the Account Number
  • From our shops in cash or cheque. Cheque payment will need to clear before they are posted.

Allocated data bundles for 5G for Business package will not rollover. This is a fixed connectivity subscription that will renew at the end of every month.

Yes. In cases where you deplete your resources within the course of the month, a daily bundle will be allocated per package to keep you connected as per schedule above.

You can manage your 5G for Business link via *485#. This will allow you to check link balance, connection status and update link details.

Yes, postpaid service will require a deposit equivalent to one month charge for the service. This is refundable upon service termination and settlement of all due bills.

You can upgrade or downgrade your package by requesting for service change either in writing or through our sales teams. This will then be actioned, and you will be advised once order for service change is completed. We will keep improving on available channels to introduce a capability for self-service for service change. Service upgrade will require you to top up your deposit to be equivalent to the new monthly charge while downgrades retain the same deposit we have for the existing account.

Reach us via 0722002222 for any queries on your business link. You can also raise any queries via our social media channels on Twitter and Facebook as well as form https://www.business.safaricom.co.ke/

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