Safaricom’s Sustainability Objectives

Based on our vision and material matters, we have identified a number of strategic sustainability objectives that balance our short-term position with our long-term strategy. 

Material matter Strategic sustainability objective
Network quality: The coverage and quality of our network needs to keep up with the growth in customers and the increased demands of new technology Deliver the best network by enhancing network quality.
Energy security: The reliability and growth of our network is dependent on access to reliable and cost efficient energy.  Minimise business disruptions by rolling out alternative energy solutions and enhancing energy security for future growth.
Innovation Our business transforms lives through continuous innovation
  • Develop transformational products and services relevant to different customer segments.
  • Remain innovative to service a growing youth sector.
  • Actively participate in improving financial inclusion and growing the wealth of Kenyan citizens
Customer experience: The experience of our customers at all touch points and on all products and services needs to remain exceptional Protect the privacy of our customers and promote a positive customer experience at all touch points.
Our employees: Our business performance is enhanced by productive, motivated staff and we are committed to providing a safe and supportive working environment. Maintain a productive, supportive and safe working environment
Environmental performance: The environmental impact of our business must be managed to enhance value creation and maintain compliance with regulation. Ensure our products, processes and operations are safe for the environment. Reduce energy usage and related greenhouse gas emissions, conserve water, reduce waste and explore opportunities for reuse and recycling.
Our business partners: We need to work with our business partners to understand their sustainability challenges and support them on their sustainability journey Promote sustainable practices within our business ecosystem
Regulatory issues: Embedding evolving regulatory best practice in our business requires proactive involvement in policy formulation, understanding policy objectives, balancing the interests of different stakeholders, and managing the costs of compliance Ensure continued regulatory compliance and engage with our regulators to ensure a fair business environment is maintained
Ethics and values: We uphold and promote the highest ethical business practices. Promote ethical principles and good corporate governance throughout our business ecosystem.

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