Unlock Your Free 500 MBs

This is a data campaign where customers are assigned a daily data offer or (purchase a data bundle for a value equal or greater than their daily offer) and thereafter awarded FREE 500MBs that expires at midnight.

  • Customers are assigned a daily bundle offer when they dial on *544#and select option zero.
  • The Free 500 Mbs is awarded immediately a customer buys their daily offer.
  • Customers can pay using their Airtime or by M-PESA.
  • Upon successful purchase, the customer gets a confirmation flash message and SMS “Congratulations! You have received your FREE 500MB data bundle Expiry date dd/mm/yyyy 00:00am, to check balance dial *544#
  • The daily offer bought is non expiry, while the FREE 500Mbs awarded expires at midnight on the day of purchase.

Yes. The FREE 500MB bundle is awarded upon the purchase of the daily offer or when the customer purchases a bundle higher than the offer allocated.

You cannot Sambaza or transfer FREE resources.

The FREE 500Mb bundle will be valid until midnight.

The FREE 500Mbs bundle will not roll over to the next day, however, the bundle bought with the airtime or M-PESA is non-expiry.  

The FREE 500Mb bundle is only awarded once a day.

Customer dials *544# and select option zero to view their daily offer.

Only NON EXPIRY Bundles on USSD *544# and *555# (Blaze Non-Expiry) qualify for the free 500MB.

No. the Free 500 MBs are awarded only when you buy the bundle specified for you or a higher amount of the NON EXPIRY Bundles.

The free 500MB will be utilized first before any other bundle.

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