M-PESA Go is a product designed for children between the age of (10-17)years that will allow them to use M-PESA services whereby guardians and parents have ability to guide their juniors financial journey as it has features to enable tracking and monitoring features such enable and disable services ,setting limits and viewing statements.

M-PESA Go aims to drive financial inclusion and financial literacy among juniors. It allows juniors use M-PESA services such as lipa na M-PESA ,send and receive money ,buy airtime and bundles. M-PESA Go users can also access the services through M-PESA Go App.To safeguard users ,M-PESA Go restricts services such as Digital loans, withdrawing money ,payment to political parties and betting companies .

To sign up for M-PESA Go ,parents/guardians can use the self-onboarding portal to register an already existing SIM card via https://www.safaricom.com/mpesa-go/onboarding or by visiting any Safaricom .You are required to buy SIM card ,present a valid identification documents and original/copy of the child’s birth certificate.

Once registered, the users can access the services via :

  • The M-PESA Go APP-Download M-PESA super App and log in with the junior details.
  • The STK (Sim Tool Kit)

Benefits of M-PESA Go to The Junior

  1. Independence-M-PESA Go gives 10-17year-olds an M-PESA account under their name, and a platform where they can receive, send, and manage their pocket money conveniently.
  2. Safety and Convenience-As a teen you do not need to carry or keep cash anymore, M-PESA Go is your safe and convenient mobile money account that is secured by your own secret PIN.
  3. Financial competence-With the guidance of their parents, M-PESA Go gives teens an opportunity to start learning how to make financial decisions early.

Benefits of M-PESA Go to the Parent

  1. Parental guidance-M-PESA Go allows you to determine where your child can spend by enabling and disabling services.
  2. Transparency-M-PESA Go gives you and your child visibility on what and where they are spending money.
  3. Safety-M-PESA Go keeps your child safe from gambling and betting. Payment to these organizations have been disabled on the M-PESA GO account. In addition, juniors have no access to loans.
  4. Financially savvy kids-M-PESA Go allows children to manage and track their pocket money

This is a product specifically designed for children under 18 years (10-17 years) to enable them to use specific M-PESA services.

Registration can happen:

  • Independently by the parent, through an online onboarding portal. (For parents with lines already being used by their children).
  • By visiting any Safaricom shop/agent - buy a line and get directly registered on M-PESA Go.

You must have a clear copy of your child’s Birth Certificate to upload onto the self-onboarding portal.

No, you do not have to. However, you must present an original /copy of the child’s Birth Certificate.

You can have up to four (4) M-PESA GO accounts under your M-PESA profile.

Yes. However, you must visit any Safaricom Shop where the line will be registered directly on M-PESA Go.

Yes. The new line will be registered on Safaricom network using your(the parent’s) information and on M-PESA Go, capturing your child’s details.

You can convert the line to M-PESA GO by logging on to the self-onboarding portal - https://safaricom.com/mpesa-go/onboarding. You will verify your identification details and then provide the child’s details that you wish to convert to M-PESA Go.

Yes, you need to add the new line to your profile.


  • USSD *334#
  • Select My Account
  • Select Manage Junior Account
  • Select Manage Junior Relationship
  • Select Add Junior Customer
  • Enter Junior mobile number
  • Enter Child date of birth
  • Enter M-PESA PIN (parent’s)
  • You will receive a notification of successful addition of the Junior account

Yes. However, if you have an outstanding loan or savings, you must repay it and transfer/withdraw your savings.

The M-PESA GO customer will transact using:

  • The M-PESA Go APP
  • The STK (Sim Tool Kit)

You can enable and disable these services on your child’s M-PESA GO account:

  • Send and receive money services.
  • Lipa na M-PESA Paybill and Merchant Payments.
  • Buy Airtime
  • Buy Bundles
  • My Account services.

Yes. M-PESA GO customers (children) may not access the following services:

  • Any payments to all betting companies.
  • All loans and saving products – e.g. Mshwari, KCB M-PESA and Fuliza.
  • The Withdraw Cash – which requires an ID number to be shown.
  • All Payments to political parties.

No. Normal M-PESA account transactional limits and charges will apply for all M-PESA GO children accounts.

Yes. To manage your child’s M-PESA Go account, you will dial *334# on your handset where you will get the following options.

  • Manage services.
  • Enable and disable any services.
  • Manage Junior Relationships
  • Add / Remove any junior Accounts.
  • View Junior Accounts list
  • View Junior Account Info
  • Query account balance
  • View last 5 transactions.

No. Only you as the parent/guardian can call Safaricom customer care on behalf of the M-PESA GO customer to request for a sim swap. Your Know Your Customer (KYC) details will be used for the vetting process.

For all reversal requests you as the parent will be required to give consent, since the M-PESA GO customer is under the age of 18.

Your child can access Safaricom Customer Care on Line 100 or Line 200 for GSM related issues and Line 234 for all M-PESA related issues on their account.

  • However, for all requests about the M-PESA GO account – e.g. reversal, sim swaps, etc – you as the parent must give your consent.

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