They are your go to team on anything data and they will guide you on how to get the best out of the internet while getting the most out of your data bundles. Watch out over the next couple of days for much, much more from them!

She’s the Samurai of Snapchat, Slayer of selfies and fixer of filters. She’s got all the 411 on how to keep on Snapping and Slaying while saving on that precious data.

He’s the undefeated champ of messaging, the ultimate group admin. If it involves Whatsapp, he’s your guy. Keep a look out for him to know how to be a knockout on Whatsapp while showing your priceless bundles who’s boss.

The Instant queen of pics and undisputed top don of tags. She’s your best friend for all information on how to keep it real and on fleek on Instagram while keeping your spend low.

He’s always in the know and keeps it real 24/7. He’s your go to guy on how to keep on streaming and checking out Status posts while guarding your bundles like a real guru.

He’ll make anything trend and is the king of hashtags. Need to know how to keep up with trends while keeping your data bundles? Timo is your go to guy.
Connect with the SWIFT Squad all day every day and see what they’re up to and what they have in store for you.

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