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No need to worry about which short code you need to dial in order to access our different services. It is now as simple as 456…
In line with our customer first strategy, we have come up with a single short code that will help our customers access all the services with a single dial. The unified short code *456# is a service transformation aiming to give Safaricom customers a transformed and enhanced experience while accessing the different services via short codes.
As our products developed over the years, so has been the different ways to access these services. One of the platforms through which the customers access our products is via short codes (*100#, *200#,*544#, *444#, *188#, *811#, *234# among others). In order to simplify all these products, we are consolidating them to enable the customer access at once via *456#. This will provide convenience and simplicity to our customer.

All you need to do is dial *456#Ok to access all Safaricom services under the consolidated single short code.
The service allows our customers to use one short code to access Safaricom services and products whether one is on Prepaid or Postpaid.
With the new short code, the customers will experience a whole new experience on Safaricom services

• Get Deals – Access all Safaricom deals and promotions in a single view *456*0#

• BUY – Purchase different Safaricom services (Data, SMS, Minutes, Skiza among others) *456*1#

• Okoa/Sambaza – Request for Okoa Jahazi or Share/Sambaza your friends and family *456*2#

• Bonga –Get rewarded with fabulous offers for using your line, redeem and share. *456*3#

• Balances/Top Up – Access all your balances and carry out top up *456*4#

• M-PESA – Unlock your M-PESA, check tariff, search paybill numbers and more. *456*5#

• Safaricom Home- Sign up for Safaricom Home Fibre and manage your account here. *456*6#

• Activate –Activate Data manager, Blaze and other services. *456*7#

• Get PUK – PIN locked? No worry. Option 8 helps you get the PUK. Help a friend to get the PUK through your line. *456*8#

• Stop – Stop active subscriptions that keeps on renewing (Data, SMS, Games and more) *456*9#

• Find- Locate the nearest Safaricom shop or care desk, find other interesting services here. *456*10#

•  The unified short code provides convenience and simplicity to the customer as they do not have to memorize the different short codes in the market, it is lean and provides shorter steps while accessing the services.

• Better self-service options as customers can now carry out a variety of Do It Yourself (DIY) options such as, Buying different Safaricom services from a single button, getting the PUK, Unlocking M-PESA, Stopping any charged services among others

• Improve on accessibility to service lines as more customers will now be able to use the short codes to resolve issues on their lines without having to call.

• High availability of a robust menu for the customer’s access anytime.

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