Multiple Okoa

This is a feature within Okoa Jahazi that allows Multiple borrowing

YES. Customers can borrow as many times as their Previous week usage can allow every week.

Customers can only borrow after they have paid their existing loan

Five (5 )days repayment period.

Each loan takes its own 5 day Service Legal Agreement(SLA).

By dialing *131# the customer will view a list of denominations they can access. The highest denomination denotes the highest amount the customer qualifies for within each week.

No. The capability will be available to all prepay customers allowing them to Okoa multiple times

Each loan has a 5 day maturity period, if unpaid by day 6 then the customer will be blacklisted from Okoa Jahazi

Yes, by way of an SMS notification.

A customer can borrow multiple times as long as their previous weeks usage allows for it.

Yes. All prepay customers will be eligible.

Age on Network will be capped at 14 days. On the 15th day the customers will be able to access okoa & enjoy multiple borrowing

Every top up via all channels ( MPESA, voucher, 3rd party, pin less) will go towards settling any outstanding okoa debts

YES. A customer can Okoa Internet many times based on their previous weeks usage.

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