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All In One bundle is a new integrated voice, data and SMS plan that allows you to choose a voice and data combination that suits your needs. Our All In One plans are in KShs. 1,000, KShs. 2,000, KShs. 3,000, KShs. 5,000 and KShs. 10,000 price points. All In One bundles allow our customers free WhatsApp after the bundle is finished so that they can continue keeping in touch.

Customers can access these bundles on;

  • USSD *544#
  • mySafaricom APP

The customer then selects their preferred plan, available at five price points.

The All In One monthly bundles are available to all Safaricom customers (Prepaid, PostPay and Hybrid).

The bundles include 2GB YouTube bundle and Free Whatsapp that can be used once the bundle is finished.

All in One Monthly Bundles {Price}


KShs. 1,000

5GB +2GB YouTube+ 400 Mins + 1000 SMS+ Free Whatsapp

KShs. 2,000

15GB + 2GB YouTube +1000 Mins + 2000 SMS+ Free Whatsapp

KShs. 3,000

25GB + 2GB YouTube+ 1500 Mins + 3000 SMS+ Free Whatsapp

KShs. 5000

45GB + 2GB YouTube +2500 Mins + 5000 SMS+ Free Whatsapp

KShs. 10,000

100GB + 2GB YouTube+ 7500 Mins + 10000 SMS+ Free Whatsapp

  1. The above All in One Monthly bundles can be bought once or on auto renew. All have a 30-day validity.
  2. Payment options available will be via Airtime and M-PESA

Yes, free WhatsApp is available once the customers exhaust their data bundle and the expiry date has not yet elapsed.

Yes, you can purchase the bundle as many times as you wish.

Balance check on USSD *544# to show the balance of all the resources remaining (data and minutes).

NO, you cannot make international calls with the bundles.

Subscribers on All in One Monthly Bundles can Stop Automatic monthly renewals by dialling *544# and selecting “Stop Auto Renew”.

Our customer care agent will raise a ticket to our support team for the reversal to be effected.

Resources will expire in 30 calendar days. Data bundle will roll over upon renewal with another all-in-one bundle. Minutes and SMS will expire in 30 days with no option of roll over.

POSTPAY bundle is a tariff that allows you to use bundled resources now and pay for them later. The NEW POSTPAY Bundle is the new enriched POSTPAY bundled plans.

NEW PostPay bundle is open to all Safaricom prepay customers on Uwezo tariff and individual postpay except for corporate accounts.

  • It’s easy to join via USSD *544#.
  • You have five integrated plans to choose from between Ksh 1000 and ksh 10,000
  • You can exit PostPay via USSD *200#.

On USSD *544#

  • Dial *544# select the option Monthly Plans then select Join Postpay
  • You will be presented with five integrated plans to choose from
  • You will be prompted to enter your email address for billing
  • Select a PostPay bundle Plan of choice
  • Accept terms and conditions
  • You will receive a notification that your line has been moved to Postpay

Postpay DIY plans {Price}


KShs. 1,000

5GB + 2GBYT+400 Mins + 1000 SMS

KShs. 2,000

15GB +2GBYT+ 1000 Mins + 2000 SMS

KShs. 3,000

25GB +2GBYT+ 1500 Mins + 3000 SMS

KShs. 5000

45GB + 2500 Mins 2GBYT++ 5000 SMS()*

KShs. 10,000

100GB +2GBYT+ 7500 Mins + 10000 SMS*

5k and 10k plans customers will continue accessing internet at 3Mbps after exhausting data bundle. all plans come with free WhatsApp to be used when customer exhausts data.

Yes, you can use your credit limit to buy a plan.

Yes, the bundle will auto renew every 1st of the month.

No, you will not be able to use the bundled SMS to access chargeable messages. Top up prepaid airtime or your postpaid balance via paybill 200200 and enter phone number as account number.

You need prepaid airtime balance or postpaid balance. You cannot use the minutes, SMS and data given to renew buy skiza or do bank USSD.

No, the PostPay bundles cannot be used for roaming. You top up prepaid airtime or postpaid account via paybill 200200.

Yes, you will earn Bonga points when you purchase the plans.

No, you cannot transfer/Sambaza your resources. You can share the data bundle upto three numbers.

The bill will be sent to the email address you provided on sign up on the first week of every month. Please ensure you settle your bill by the end of the month to avoid being disconnected from the PostPay tariff.

If you sign up after the 1st of the month you will get full resources but you will be charged prorated amount depending on remaining days of the month. On the 1st of the next month, you will be charged the full amount for the resources allocated.

Yes, you will be notified for data bundles and minutes. Data bundle at 75MB and 2MB while minutes at 60minutes and 2minutes.

Data bundle will roll over upon renewal of the monthly plan. Minutes and SMS will expire at the end of the month.

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