Voice over LTE (VoLTE) is an advanced technology that delivers high-quality life-like sound over voice and video calls across the 4G network.

  • Customers on VoLTE will Enjoy HD(High definition) calls and video calls that will be ultra clear with reduced background noise.
  • In addition the calls can be enhanced if both parties are on VoLTE capable devices and located in a 4G location as they can switch to video call seamlessly within call.
  • Consumers will have a more enriched conversation, i.e. they can now make calls whilst browsing.
  • Customers on VoLTE will also enjoy fast call set up.

  • Have a VoLTE enabled handset (check if your handset is VoLTE enabled from www.safaricom.co.ke/VoLTE
  • Ensure that your handset has been upgraded with the latest software provided by your handset manufacturer by checking under settings -> Software update
  • Ensure that you are using a 4G SIM and you’re calling on 4G network.
  • Verify that the VoLTE voice calling feature has been enabled on your smartphone.

For Android users: The “HD/VoLTE” icon will be shown on the top bar of the screen.

Currently, we’ve launched VoLTE service with AT&T network only. This was done on 8th Dec 2022.

Yes you will, however for AT&T, they are not available on 2G & 3G.

No, your current roaming plan will support AT&T VoLTE service.

There are No additional charges on VoLTE, customer will call using airtime or minutes and normal charges will apply.

Customers can make video calls on VoLTE without data resources. The video call will be charged as a normal call from the customers` account.

Yes, you can make VoLTE calls to any phone on any other network just like the voice normal calls.

You can check the applicable roaming rates from Safaricom Roaming.

No, we currently have launched the service with AT&T only.

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