YouTube Bundle

This is a 1-hour validity YouTube bundle that the customer can use solely for purposes of accessing YouTube content on their devices. Customer will receive 1GB for Only ksh 10 valid for 1 hour.

The existing YouTube bundles have a validity of 24hrs, the hourly YouTube bundle will be valid for only 1 hour after purchase.

The bundle will be available on *544# on option 0 (not 1). Customer will select the YouTube bundle option then select the hourly pack.

  • Customer will dial the USSD code *544# option 0, or go to my Safaricom app under data calls and SMS- and select YouTube to purchase the hourly bundle.
  • Validity for the bundle will be 1 hour
  • The bundle can only be consumed when customer is accessing YouTube content
  • Unused resources will expire after one hour
  • Customer can purchase the bundle as many times

The hourly YouTube bundles will have the highest priority to the 24-hour packs

The customer can pay using airtime or M-PESA

The bundle can only be used to watch vides on YouTube; it will not be consumed if customer accesses other data content

The YouTube bundle cannot be transferred or sambaza to other MSISDNs.

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