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Yes, the solution works for both apps and websites. However, for the solution to work as intended, both apps and websites should not have embedded links.

These are links to content that is not hosted on the Businessʼ actual online resource – Website, App or IP address.

The business would have to undertake notification to its end user customers upon clicking on such a link, that they are navigating off the free sponsored online resource.

To ensure minimal exposure to risk, we require both the online resource IP address and the URL for the service to be provisioned.

No. The business's IP address must be static to ensure that the end user customers are not charged for dynamic content while on the sponsored website /app.

No. However, a conditional monthly access fee (or minimum spend amount) of KES 50,000 (including VAT and Excise duty) shall be applied for the service.

Upon receipt of all relevant documentation, technical configurations take 10 working days.

Dear Customer,
Your data usage on the sponsored data plan as at 30/08/ at 11:59PM is as follows;
Yesterdayʼs usage – 0MB
This monthʼs cumulative usage -24302182.49MB
Thank you for choosing Safaricom business.
Yours sincerely
Safaricom PLC.
NOTE: Please don't reply to this email, as we are unable to respond from this email address.
If you need support, visit www.business.safaricom.co.ke.

Yes. This is achievable via a Daily Usage Limit per End User customer in MBs (FUP).

For new customers, deposit will be required as advised by our Credit Control team on a case-by-case basis. Customers that are currently deposit exempt will not be required to pay deposit.

Service may be discontinued upon a written request from the business. The SLA for this requests is 5 days.

Service may be discontinued upon a written request from the customer. The SLA for this is 5 days.

Yes. To change or add a new IP address, the business should fill in a new form with details of the new IP addresses they wish included. Change SLA is 4 days.

As guided by CA regulations, we are not able to share customer mobile numbers with the business customer.

Reports will include:

  • Date of access,
  • Data usage and
  • Rate applied

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