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Internet For Free

What are the Free Safaricom Internet Offers?



This is a daily personalized mobile data bundle that is awarded to each customer to enjoy Safaricom internet for free.

How do I get the Free internet bundle?



All you have to do is Dial *544# and select option 1 to access your personalized data offer.

How can I Pay for this bundle?



The product is absolutely free. You will not need to pay for it.

Who is eligible for the bundle?



The bundle can be accessed by any Safaricom customer.

Can I access the free bundle more than once per day?



No, you will only be allowed to access your free bundle once a day.

Will my free bundle be given priority for consumption?



Yes, the Free bundle will be consumed first before other bundles are used.

Can I sambaza my free bundle?



No, you will not be allowed to transfer the free internet bundle.  

Will the free Safaricom internet bundle roll-over?



No, the free Safaricom internet bundle will only be valid for a specific period after the customer has redeemed it, then it will expire. The customer will be informed of the validity of their bundle via SMS.