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Bulk Payments Service (B2C) FAQs

What is B2C (Business to Customer)?



The Bulk Payments service (B2C) enables an organization to make payments/disbursements from a given M-PESA short code to mobile phones of individuals in real time at the click of a button.


Who can use the B2C bulk payment service?



This service is open to all organisations and institutions both public and private intending to make M-PESA payments to individuals.


Which services can B2C be used for?



  • Banks, MFI and SACCOs for loan disbursement, withdrawal of money from bank account directly to M-PESA account.
  • Insurance: Claims settlement.
  • Salaries disbursement for companies and casuals’ payments.
  • Promotional payments: Payment of cash prizes for winners
  • Business Payments: Payment of small supplies, petty cash, daily wages
  • Dividend Payments: Annual dividend payments for publicly listed companies
  • Government Organizations, NGOS and FBOs: Disbursement of various project and workshop funds, relief funds, development funds, per diems and wages to field staff.

How can I register for this service?



An organisation can be assisted to apply by any person authorised by Safaricom to offer sales services.

An organisation can apply directly through the self-onboarding link.


What do I need to apply for B2C?



  1. Filled application form

  2. KYC documentation

Online application can be done from the link



How do I check B2C product for a short code on M-PESA?




  • Query the organisation short code on M-PESA G2 system

  • Go to Products tab and view the assigned product

How does an organisation deposit funds into the short code to make payments?



An organisation can make RTGS transfer to M-PESA holding account at CBA and KCB banks, quoting their B2C short code preceded by 333 as the beneficiary account number. E.g. 333123456


Cash, EFT and Cheque deposits can be made to the same M-PESA holding account using A/C number 0420448007 or 6518870012 for CBA Bank or 1147921954 for KCB Bank. Kindly quote the B2C short code when making this deposit.


Which channels are used to make payments on B2C?



Which channels are used to make payments on B2C?


  1. M-PESA G2 system –

  2. Payment Portal –

  3. APIs - API stands for Application Programming Interface. API enables communication and exchange of data between two systems by providing an interface for one system to easily plug in to the other system. With API an organisation does not have to use our M-PESA system directly. They will continue to use their in-house system to disburse funds through M-PESA system.


What are the B2C charges?




The charges are as below on the organisation short code to M-PESA registered users transfer. The customer receiving the funds is not charged.


Transaction Band

Charge to Oorganisation

KSh. 50 - 1,000


KSh. 1,001 - 70,000




Can I pay to non-Safaricom or non-MPESA SIM cards?





Can I use B2C to make payments from my short code to another short code?



No. B2C is for payments from Business to Customer mobile phones.

Short code to short code payments consume B2B (Business to Business) service.


If I need further enquiries who do u contact?



Facebook: Safaricom PLC

Twitter: @SafaricomPLC

Call : 100 (prepay) and 200 (postpay)