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M-PESA Rates

What are the new tariffs about? +

Pursuant to The Finance Bill 2018 and The Provisional Collection of Taxes and Duties Act, we have made adjustments to our M-PESA Tariffs

Why can't I transfer over Ksh35,000 to unregistered subscribers? +

Due to Know Your Customer (KYC)/Anti Money Laundering (AML) policy set by the Central Bank of Kenya, we do not have the mandate to allow transfers of amounts over Ksh35,000.

With the changes in tariffs, have you increased the amounts one can send? +

No, the maximum amount one can send remains the same. You can send up to Ksh70,000 in one transaction. The maximum you can send in a day is Ksh140,000. You can only hold up to Ksh100,000 in your M-PESA account.

What is the lowest amount of money I can send on M-PESA?


You can now send as little as Ksh.1 on M-PESA for free. You can also make both payments via buy goods and paybill for up to Kshs.100 for free.

How much will it cost me to send Ksh10?


It is free to send any amount between Ksh.1 to Kshs.100 to a registered customer.

How much will I be charged to send 1000 shillings?


The cost of sending between Ksh 501 to Ksh 1,000 is Ksh 15.

How much does it cost to withdraw Ksh50?


It will now cost you Ksh10 to withdraw between Ksh50 and Ksh100.

How much will it cost me to withdraw Ksh100? +

The cost of withdrawing is Ksh 10 for registered M-PESA customers.

Can I still withdraw at an ATM?


Yes you can. You are allowed to make multiple cash withdrawals from the ATM. However the maximum withdrawal amount is limited to Ksh70,000 per day. Withdrawals vary from Ksh20,000-Ksh30,000 depending on the ATM.

How do I know what else has changed with the tariffs? +

Visit your agent outlet for more details on the tariffs. You can also visit our website or call M-PESA customer care on 234.

When will the new tariffs take effect? +

The new tariffs take effect on Sunday 1st July 2018

How is the new commission structure?


We have rationalized and adjusted withdrawal commissions for agents in line with tariff changes on customer withdrawal charges.

My father has fallen seriously ill and has lost his mental faculties. He had some funds on M-PESA which we require for purposes of defraying some medical costs. What do I need to do/provide in order to obtain these funds?


You need to provide the following documents:

  1. Your ID
  2. Certified copy of the ID of the incapacitated M-PESA account holder
  3. A court order appointing you as a guardian of the incapacitated M-PESA account holder.

I left Kenya for the UAE one year ago and I am currently based there. As I was not using my Safaricom line, the line was discontinued but I had some funds on M-PESA. I have recently come back to the country and I would like to obtain my money. What is required of me?


You may visit any of our retail centres country-wide. Unfortunately if your line has already been recycled, you cannot apply to use the line. However, your funds that are available on M-PESA will be availed to you after you fill in a claim form, provide a copy of your ID and nominate a number that can be used to transfer the funds to you.

I left Kenya for Zimbabwe five years ago. As I was not using my Safaricom line, the line was discontinued but I had some funds on M-PESA. I have recently come back to the country and I would like to obtain my money. When I went to the Safaricom retail centre, I was informed that my account was dormant and that the funds had been paid to the government. What can I do now in order to obtain my money?


By law, if you do not use your M-PESA account for a continuous period of two (2) years, then those funds are presumed abandoned and are usually paid up to the Unclaimed Financial Assets Authority (UFAA).  In order to obtain these funds, you need to visit their offices for guidance.  You may also visit their website on