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The following terms and conditions apply to the Safaricom Internet and digital television set top box "theBIGbox" ("the Service") and by activating, using this Service you will be deemed to have read, understood and accepted the same:-

1. The Service

This Service enables Safaricom subscribers to access the Internet, television and other content from the comfort of their homes by purchasing the Safaricom Set Top Box (theBIGbox) and affordable Internet bundles.

2. Eligibility

The Service is open to all Safaricom subscribers. Non-Safaricom subscribers can still enjoy the Service by registering as Safaricom subscribers at the point of purchase of theBIGbox.

3. How to Access the Service

  1. Visit any Safaricom Shop countrywide.

  2. At the Safaricom Shop you will fill a form for registration of the SIM in theBIGbox. If you are buying by way of instalments, the Form will also serve as an agreement between you and Safaricom to pay the balance of the purchase price within the agreed period. The SIM enables you to access additional services such as the Internet, content and other value added services. Do carry your identification documents to facilitate SIM registration as required under the law

  3. You have the option of purchasing either theBIGbox without data bundles or with data Bundles ("theBIGbox Bundles").

  4. You can purchase theBIGbox by outright purchase or through the instalment plan provided by Safaricom as described in condition 7 below.

  5. The outright purchase of theBigbox without theBIGbox Bund les gives you access to Free to Air TV channels. You can purchase theBIGbox Bundles provided under this Service or our published Data Bundles to enable you access the Internet from theBIGbox.

  6. Purchase of theBIGbox together with theBIGbox Bundles gives you the opportunity to access Free-To-Air TV and to enjoy Internet services using the various devices in your home (mobiles, tablets, laptops). With theBIGbox Bundles purchased, theBIGbox converts your home into a Wi-Fi hotspot enabling all Wi-Fi enabled devices to use the same bundle.

  7. TheBIGbox Bundles available for this Service are in the table below.

  8. TheBIGbox is a plug and play device if you already have a standard aerial. Our Agents will set you up at the point of purchase and ensure that theBIGbox is ready for use.

4. Access to TV

TheBIGbox gives you access to Free to Air Channels.

5. TheBIGbox Bundles

    1. You can choose from the following data bundles when purchasing theBIGbox:


theBIGbox 6GB



30 Days

theBIGbox 10GB


1, 500

30 Days

theBIGbox 20GB



30 Days

theBIGbox 50GB



30 Days

  1. The Monthly Bundles will renew automatically at the end of the thirty (30) days for as long as there is enough airtime in theBIGbox SIM. Otherwise you will activate another BIGbox Bundle when you have enough airtime in theBIGbox SIM or through Data Sambaza or third party top up using •422#.

  2. TheBIGbox Bundles are valid for thirty (30) days from the date of purchase. Once the 30days lapse, the unused portion of the bundles become permanently unavailable. TheBIGbox Bundles cannot be rolled over.

  3. You can buy as many Bigbox Bundles as you wish during the month (including the Safaricom published Data Bund les). If you are paying for theBIGbox by way of monthly instalments, you must purchase the theBIGbox 6GB Bundle each month.

  4. We will endeavour to notify you as soon as your monthly bundle is running low and also as your bundle nears expiry.

  5. TheBIGbox Bundles cannot be transferred from theBIGbox SIM (no Data sambaza out). You can however, transfer bundles from another Safaricom SIM to theBIGbox SIM (Data Sambaza).

  6. You will earn Bonga Points on the use of theBIGbox Bundle s. Purchase of theBIGbox in itself does not earn Bonga Points.

  7. Should you finish your BIGbox monthly Bundle before the validity period has elapsed, you will be in a position to buy any of theBIGbox Bundles in this Service or any of our published Data Bundles

  8. (see the Safaricom PrePay & PostPay Data Bundles Terms in TheBIGbox Bundle will be used in priority to any other Bundles in theBIGbox SIM.

  9. To check the balance on your BIGbox Bundles dial •422# or use the web interface www.saf les (/TV)

  10. You will not be in a position to browse out of bundle (on the go) in this Service; theBIGbox SIM must have valid BIGbox Bundles or any of the published Safaricom Data Bundles.

  11. TheBIGbox Bundles are only available for subscription on *422#

  12. Access to *422# and the web interface is free

  13. As you register, you will give us a Safaricom mobile number which you designate as your Primary Line. You can top up theBIGbox from your Primary Number through Data Sambaza. Only the Primary Line can carry out Data Sambaza to theBIGbox SIM.

6. How to Purchase theBIGbox Bundles

6.1 Safaricom subscribers can activate a Data Bundle (including theBIGbox Bundle) in the following ways:

  1. Dialing *422#:

    1. From your mobile phone dial *422# and enter your decoder number, then select the preferred bundle.

    2. You will receive a message confirming the status of your internet bundle purchase;

    3. Upon successful purchase of a data bundle, you will receive a message confirming the bundle purchased and the validity period.

  2. Purchase of data bundle through M-PESA from another Safaricom mobile number:

    Purchase the data bundle using your Primary Line provided in the registration Form.

    1. From your primary Line dial *422#

    2. Enter decoder number

    3. Select the data bundle that you would like to purchase (for example select 6GB for Kshs 999)

    4. Enter PIN (USSD / NETWORK PIN/SERVICE PIN) If you have no PIN set, you will be prompted to set up one

    5. You will receive a flash notification that your request has been received and is being processed

    6. You will then receive a message from M-PESA (for example "C085FLO11 Confirmed. 999Ksh sent to 958300-Safaricom Data Bundles for account on 27/4/15 a t 2:56PM New M-PESA balance is 984Ksh.")

    7. TheBIGbox SIM will also receive a message confirming the details of the data bundle that has been purchased (for example "You have successfully purchased 6GB Data Bundle, Expiry date: 26-03-20 15.")

6.2 On line Purchase

  1. Both Prepay and PostPay subscribers can still purchase Safaricom Data Bundles online using their computers, tablets, or mobile phone by via Only your Primary Line can carry out Data Sambaza to theBIGbox.

  2. From theBIGbox, at the Internet home page which is (through "my Account" icon), select TV option and select the desired Blgbox Bundle to purchase.

7. How to Make Payment for theBlgbox

  1. You can pay for theBIGbox in the following ways:

    1. Outright purchase by paying Kshs 9,999/- at any of the Safaricom Shop. Safaricom will top up your Bigbox Bundle each month for the first 6 month s. During the month and at the end of the first 6 months you are free to buy any of theBigbox Bundles or published Safaricom Data Bundles.

    2. Easy Pay Instalments by paying the minimum of Kshs. 4,999/- at the Safaricom Shop and a monthly instalment of Kshs. 999/- for six (6) months. This instalment payment will be made monthly by purchasing theBIGbox 6GB Bundle through •422#. You can purchase an additional BIGbox Bundle or Safaricom published Data Bundle anytime during the month.


Easy Pay Installment Plan




Outright Purchase

9 , 999


N / A

**You must purchase theBIGbox 6GB Bundle each month for the six instalment months. You are free to buy any of theBIGbox Bundles as additional data anytime during the month. The Kshs. 999/- includes the monthly instalment payment for theBIGbox, service fee towards managing your Account.

  1. Using full or part Bonga Points

  2. Through Mshwari or any other financing method as Safaricom may avail from time to time

  3. You can buy theBIGbox Bundles as indicated in 6 above.

8. How to Subscribe out of theBIGbox Bundle

You can subscribe in and out of any of theBIGbox Bundles at any time.

9. After Sales Support for theBIGbox

  1. TheBIGbox is sold subject to Limited Manufacturer's Warranty.

  2. Should you experience a problem with your BIGbox, kindly visit the point of purchase or any Safaricom Shop.

  3. If you need any support or information regarding your BIGbox please contact us on line 400

  4. Should you wish to sell your BiGbox to another person, you must visit a Safaricom Shop with the intended purchaser for the change of ownership to be completed.

10. General terms

  1. TheBIGbox Bundles run on a shared resource therefore the speed maybe affected by the number of users at any given time.

  2. Airtime topped up as a data bundle cannot be reversed.

  3. It will not be possible to reverse purchases made through M-PESA.

  4. Okoa Jahazi credit will be deducted first on top up and if the balance is not sufficient to buy the desired bundle, the balance will be topped up on your line as airtime.

  5. You will not be able to purchase a data bundle directly from Safaricom airtime card for use on Partner Networks. You will continue to enjoy the same service on voice.

  6. Safaricom data bundles are not for re-sale. You therefore will not resell data bundles purchased under these terms and conditions. Safaricom takes no liability for such resell or purchase through resell and further reserves the right to withdraw this service from you if you breach these term s.

11. Extension of Terms

  1. Save as modified above, these Terms and Conditions are supplemental to and subject to the published Safaricom PrePay and PostPay Service Terms and Condit ion s, M-PESA Terms and Conditions and any other published terms and conditions that relate to any other Safaricom product/service that you may be using in conjunction with theBIGbox.

  2. Safaricom reserves the right to modify, vary, amend or withdraw this Service and Terms and Conditions. Such changes will be communicated through the media, Safaricom website or any other appropriate avenue as Safaricom may determine.

  3. Terms and Conditions available on


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