Free Facebook - Business Rules T&C's

Business Rules:

  1. Facebook Flex product will be available to all customers i.e. prepaid and postpaid customers.
  2. New Facebook Customers must opt in to the Facebook Flex to experience the full FB for FREE.
  3. New Facebook users will not be charged from their bundles or airtime when they access FREE FB.
  4. When on Free mode clicking on the toggle/picture/video/external link will take them to an interstitial page which will provide notice for the customers to buy bundles.
  5. New FB users who opt out of Facebook Flex service will get the standard Facebook experience moving onwards. They’ll be able to opt back in using the Facebook menu.
  6. Customers outside the Safaricom network will not be able to access the Facebook Flex and Free Basics products.
  7. Returning Facebook customers will be given FREE access to Facebook for 3days, returning is defined as 15days inactive on Facebook.
  8. We will target in-active Data customers with a FREE site ( which is a Data efficient service (no video or multimedia) optimized for low-end devices.
  9. Free mode will be capped at 20MB free mode consumption per day.


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