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1. What is a Business Tune?

The Business Tune Ring Back Service is provided by Bluewater Group Limited on Safaricom Limited’s network. It is a service on which a Corporate or SME jingle is played to calling parties as they wait for their calls to be received, instead of the standard Ringback or other forms of Ringback tones. They are paid for.

2. How does it work?

You will be required to either submit your already done 30 second jingle for review using the email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or, for new requests that you may wish to be recorded, send an SMS with your preferred message or enquiry to the short code 22229. Your request to join the Business Tunes will be processed. Each SMS costs Ksh. 10

3. Who can Subscribe to the Business Tunes Ring Back service?

You can join the service if you are a Safaricom pre-paid or post paid customer and would like to brand your company or SME using the ring back tune.

4. Requirements:

You are required to submit a letter on the company / business letterhead signed by the directors authorizing the inclusion of your Corporate or SME tune in the service. The letter should be accompanied by copies of the national identity cards of the two signatories and a copy of the certificate of incorporation / business registration certificate and / or country government business permit where necessary. If you wish to produce your tune independently, please provide a copyrights certificate in the name of the entity requesting the service or an assignment of rights in case the submitting entity is not the producer.

5. Charges:

If you are a pre-paid subscriber, you have to pay a daily fee of Ksh. 5 which is deducted from airtime, if a post paid subscriber you pay the same amount, but it is included in your monthly bill.

5. Removal of Content:

It lies within Bluewater Group Limited’s sole discretion to pull down a Business Tune from the service for legal or rights issues or as otherwise provided for herein. In the event of such a removal, Bluewater Group may, but is not obliged to, offer you a replacement tune to the value of the ring back tune which was removed. No refunds are payable.

6. Changing of Content:

It lies within Safaricom Limited’s sole discretion to add a pre-roll message to any ring back tune on the Business Tune Ring Back service. No refunds are payable in respect of the same.

7. Unsubscribe:

You can unsubscribe from the Corporate and SME Ring Back service at any time. Simply dial 811 and follow the prompts or forward such a request to Bluewater Group Limited using any of the channels provided for in below.

8. Termination:

Any Business Tune Ring Back requested will be available indefinitely or as otherwise notified at the time of purchase, unless:

  1. You fall in arrears with payment of the monthly fee; or

  2. You unsubscribe; or If you or the mobile number to which a ring back tune fee is applied is suspended or disconnected

9. Consequences of Termination:

If you unsubscribe from the service, any remaining paid days will be lost. No refund for any unused elements of your ring back tune service will be available.

We reserve the right to change or withdraw the service at any time.

10. Roaming:

Your Business Tune Ring Back will not be heard while you are roaming.

11. Privacy Policy:

Through the short code 22229, we collect and use telephone numbers only for the purpose of this service. Bluewater Group Limited does not share customers’ numbers with ANY THIRD PARTY.

12. Complaints:

Forward any complaints to:

  1. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  2. Short code 22229

  3. Twitter - @BluewaterKE

  4. Facebook – BluewaterKE

    Bluewater Group Limited is the absolute sole owner of rights of all tunes it produces for subscribers for use on the service and the subscriber has no claims on the ownership of content whatsoever. These terms and conditions are in addition to Terms and Conditions applicable to Safaricom Limited subscribers.


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