Sustainability Policies

As the leading provider of converged communication solutions in Kenya, we hold ourselves to global standards that inform our operational systems and steer our environmental and societal responsibility. This is congruent with our purpose of transforming lives; and our promise to act with simplicity, transparency and honesty.

Setting the standard for progress

There are thousands of international standards that govern the safety, social responsibility, technical specifications, environmental effects, and many other aspects of the services and products that brands provide. By adhering to these standards, we ensure that our customers, staff and communities have the best-in-class service and product offerings that we can possibly provide as a company. Our ISO certifications and sustainability policies are an assurance to our shareholders, employees and customers that we continually refine our processes to improve the quality and delivery of products and services.

It is also a reminder for both internal and external stakeholders that as we work to deliver on our purpose, we strive to consistently meet the needs of our customers and the communities within which we operate

View our policy statements below:

ISO Integrated Management System Policy Statement

Environment Policy Statement

Energy Management Policy Statement

Health and Safety Policy Statement

Anti-Corruption and Anti-Bribery Policy

Standards of Business Conduct

Conflict of Interest Policy

Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

Whistleblowing Policy

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