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The following terms and conditions apply to the Safaricom SMS Bundles (”the Service”) and by activating this service you will be deemed to have read, understood and accepted the same:-

1. Eligibility

  1. This Service is open to all Safaricom Prepay and PostPay subscribers apart from those listed in 1 (b) below;

  2. The Service will not be available to subscribers who are roaming

2. The Service

  1. The Service provides you with an opportunity to subscribe to any of the following SMS Bundles:-

    1. Two (2) SMSs for Kshs. 1 per day*.

    2. Six (6) SMSs for Kshs. 3 per day*.

    3. Twenty (20) SMSs for Kshs. 5 per day.

    4. Two Hundred (200) SMSs for Kshs. 10 per day.

    5. Three Hundred (300) SMSs for Kshs. 15/- per day.

    6. Five Hundred (500) SMSs for Kshs. 20 per day.

    7. These two (2) SMS Bundles are only available to subscribers who use SMS on limited occasions.

  2. The SMSs will be valid for use on:

    1. On-Net (Safaricom to Safaricom) SMS;

    2. Safaricom to Twitter SMS;

    3. Safaricom to Facebook SMS.


3. How to Participate

  1. To opt into the Service, dial *188# from your Safaricom mobile line.

  2. Upon dialling *188# you will get a menu with options to subscribe to the Ksh 1, 3, 5, 10 or 20 SMS Bundle depending on your usage.

  3. Upon selection of your preferred SMS Bundle, you will receive a message advising you that your request is being processed.

  4.  A second message confirming successful registration and number of SMSs subscribed to will be sent to your mobile line.

  5. The SMS Bundle is valid for 24 hours from the time of subscription. Billing of the SMS Bundle will take place at 1159 hours daily. 

  6.  Unused SMS will lapse and will not be carried over to the following day.

  7. During charging/billing, the SMS bundles will be used first, followed by Okoa Jahazi airtime and then your normal airtime.

  8. You will only be in a position to subscribe to one of the SMS Bundles in 24 hours. You can change your SMS Bundle anytime of the day. However, the change will only take effect at midnight and you lose the balance of SMSs on the bundle you are moving from immediately you make the change.

  9.  The SMS Bundle subscribed to will be renewed automatically at the lapse of 24 hours subject to availability of airtime in your Safaricom line. If you have no airtime at the time of renewal, your subscription will lapse. You will however, be in a position to subscribe afresh once you upload airtime.

  10.  To change your SMS Bundle, you will first subscribe out of the Service and then subscribe afresh by choosing the SMS Bundle required.

  11.  If you exhaust your free On-Net SMS before 11.59 hours daily, you will be charged an out of bundle rate at the prevailing published Safaricom rate (currently Ksh 1 per SMS).

4. How to Subscribe out of the Service

To subscribe out of the Service, dial *188# and follow the prompts.

5. Extension of Terms

  1. Save as modified above, these Terms and Conditions are supplemental to and subject to the published Safaricom Prepay and Postpay Service Terms and Conditions and other Services that you may be using.

  2. Safaricom reserves the right to amend or vary these terms and conditions or to withdraw the Service at any time. In any of these events, notice will be given via media advertisements (including at Safaricom’s discretion on the Safaricom website and will be effective immediately or as at the date referred in such notifications.

  3. Terms and Conditions available on

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