Safaricom Ndoto Zetu Terms and Conditions

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The following are the terms and conditions for the  Safaricom Nawe Kila Wakati – Ndoto Zetu Campaign (“the Campaign”) and by participating in the Campaign you are deemed to have read, understood and accepted these terms:


  1. The Campaign invites Kenyans to work with Safaricom to positively transform the communities they live in by sharing their dreams for the community. Safaricom will partner with the selected participant (individual or organisation) to enable them fulfil the dreams for their communities.

  2. There are five (5) categories that will be considered in this Campaign:

    1. Large dreams for the community of KShs. 1,000,000

    2. Medium dreams for the community of  KShs. 500,000 and below

    3. Medium dreams for the community of  KShs. 250,000 and below

    4. Small dreams for the community of  KShs. 150,000 and below

    5. Small dreams for the community of KShs. 50,000 and below


  1. This Campaign is open to all Kenyans who are willing to abide by these terms and conditions and will fund community dreams whose value is in the range listed in 1 (b) above.

  2. Safaricom will not fund the following community dreams: large infrastructure projects, political projects, luxury projects, projects that take longer than three (3) months to implement. This list may be reviewed and amended further by Safaricom.


  • Submissions by eligible participants will be received from 0000hrs on Friday21st May 2021 until 2359hrs June22nd, 2021(“Submission Period”).
  • Selected proposals or projects will be funded for the period between 22 July to 21 January 2022.



  1. Interested Kenyans will make written submissions to:

    1. (“the Site”) or

    2. fill in application forms collected from Safaricom retail shops countrywide.

  2. Safaricom will vet the submissions and will select the beneficiaries and their communities. Safaricom’s decision on the selection shall be final.

  3. The successful submissions will be used by Safaricom in content created for TV, Digital, Print and Outdoor and below the line collateral/material.

  4. Any submissions made in violation of these terms will be disqualified automatically whether during or after this selection process and the participant if selected, will immediately be disqualified.

  5. The funded dream (project) will be branded as “This XXX was funded by Safaricom PLC”.

  6. By submitting the written submission on Site (or at the forms available at retail) you agree to the publication of the submission on TV, Digital, Print and Outdoor for public consumption.

  7. Participants MUST meet the following criteria as a pre-condition to submitting their written submission in the Campaign:

    1. Be Kenyan citizen aged eighteen (18) years and above;

    2. Be holders of a valid passport or Kenyan national identification card.

    3. If an organisation, it must be registered with the relevant body in Kenya and compliant with all registration requirements.


  1. Safaricom reserves the right to verify the validity of entries and to disqualify any entrant who tampers with the entry process or breaches these terms of submission.

  2. Safaricom reserves the right to suspend or terminate the Campaign or amend these terms and conditions at any time for any technical or commercial reason. Any amendment to these terms and conditions will be published on the Safaricom microsite Safaricom Ndoto Zetu and any other media as Safaricom may choose.

  3. At the close of the Campaign Period, Safaricom reserves the right to monitor and document the impact of the dream beyond the Campaign Period.

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