Merchant Interoperability Service

This is a joint project between Safaricom, Airtel and Telkom that will allow all customers to pay for goods and services at any merchant outlet regardless of which network they operate on - Safaricom, Airtel and Telkom T-Kash merchants. • This means for example, that a Safaricom M-PESA customer will be able to pay for goods and services from an Airtel money or Telkom T-Kash merchant.

The service targets all mobile money customers in Kenya, regardless of network.

No. The service will be phased as below:

Phase 1- Airtel & Telkom customers will be able to pay M-PESA Lipa Na M-PESA Buy Goods merchants. o M-PESA merchants will be able to receive payments from Airtel & T Telkom Mobile Money customers.

Phase 2 - Telkom and Airtel will work to acquire merchants so that Safaricom can enable M-PESA customers to pay their merchants as well

Phase 3 - Airtel and Telkom customer to make payments to Safaricom Pay Bill merchants as well as Airtel and Telkom customers being able to make payments between their two sets of merchants

Unfortunately, M-PESA customers will not be able to transact with merchants on other networks on this first phase.

All Lipa na M-PESA Buy Good merchants will be able to receive payments from customers paying by Airtel money or Telkom T-Kash. *All except Pochi La Biashara merchants.

The transaction limits for each mobile network operator will apply for their registered customers. This also applies to Safaricom M-PESA customers, where daily and transaction limits apply.

No. M-PESA customers will not provide additional KYC to transact with merchants from other networks. Customers from other networks will also not need to provide any additional KYC to transact with Safaricom Lipa Na M-PESA merchants.

No. Safaricom Lipa Na M-PESA merchants will not need to provide additional KYC for the interoperability service.

The following tariff charge will apply for the first 6 months after launch. Thereafter, a review will be done, and a new tariff effected, or the same tariffs retained.

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