Fake promotions

The message tends to take a similar structure to Safaricom’s or other institutions messaging and includes genuine contacts in an attempt to legitimize it. In some instances, customers will get multiple messages from the same number in the same day. 

A fake promotion is a deceptive advertising strategy created by fraudsters. They are often received through messages, emails, WhatsApp or social media platforms. Safaricom has publicly disowned such phony promotions like “Safaricom’s Loyal Customer Prize” that claim to offer nonexistent prizes such as data, airtime prizes etc.  The fraudsters may also cheat a customer to send money in order to process the fake prize. When a customer gets involved and receives no prize or loses money, this causes distrust between the user and the service provider.


Be wary of messages from unknown senders saying that you have won a prize or been selected to participate in a competition.

Always be cautious about anyone asking for your personal information





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