Anti-bribery and Corruption

As signatories of the United Nations Global Compact, we are assisting our employees and partners with a variety of anti-corruption challenges. Risk assessment, reporting, and supply chain practices are examples of these. Furthermore, we are rallying business to speak out against corruption as one voice. Collective action is required as the issue that is too complicated for any corporation to address alone.

Our anti-corruption monitoring measures usually carried out at year end include:

Risk assessments (bi-annual cycle): Comprehensive evaluations of a range of risks, from operational and strategic to ethical and reputational

Fraud reviews : Conducted on specific areas/ processes suspected of having become compromised

Audit reviews: In-depth reviews that evaluate specific internal controls and processes

Special request reviews: Reviews of special areas/ processes requested by management

Our anti-corruption corrective measures usually carried out at year end include:

  • Disciplinary warnings
  • Dismissals
  • Cases reported to law enforcement agencies


Business advocacy and thought leadership in anti-bribery and corruption as members on the UN Global Compact.

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