Ethics and Integrity

Our robust corporate governance framework ensures accountability and transparency, aligning the interests of all stakeholders and helping us to transform lives. Our strong governance structures include a governance code, an ethical culture and a risk management framework underpinned by our ethical practices.

Our strong ethical culture creates awareness and understanding of the negative impacts of non-compliance, enhances trust and creates a sense of accountability and transparency. It also empowers staff to address any potential risks in their respective roles. We reinforce our culture through ongoing annual ethics awareness and trainings.

Topics covered included:

  • Ethics and risk management best practices
  • Regulatory requirements regarding key elements
  • Common fraud types and fraud prevention tips
  • Reporting obligations and channels
  • Cyber and information security
  • Physical security for businesses.

An independent ethics perception survey monitors the effectiveness of these programmes.


  • 100% compliance with Code of Ethics by all employees and business partners
  • Transparency in billing
  • Reliable, safe intuitive M-PESA

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