Human and Digital Rights for all

Data privacy continues to grow in relevance as a concern for our stakeholders, especially our customers. The Data Protection Act of Kenya (2019) seeks to regulate processing of personal data and providing for the rights of data subjects as well as obligations of processors and controllers under the Act. While the regulations continue to be developed with public participation being encouraged by the Office of the Data Protection Commissioner, the main principles are quite similar to the provisions under General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) of the European Union. Our data protection department continues to review our processes and policies and ensures that we are compliant with all regulations

We are committed to upholding and protecting children’s rights in our operations, products and services as outlined in our Children’s Rights Policy. We renewed our partnership with UNICEF by signing an MoU which outlines our areas of collaboration in advancing the children’s rights. Through our new partnership framework, our joint efforts will focus on:

  • Joint advocacy on children’s rights issues: Enhance our Child Rights business policy and practice to positively impact children and to advocate for change in the private sector in Kenya.
  • Access to equitable and inclusive education: In line with SDG 4, the partnership aims at improving the quality and equity of education in Kenya by increasing the use of digital literacy project tools to support a sustainable change in the digital learning ecosystem such as the Last Mile Connectivity Project, a government initiative which aims to ensure everyone has access to electricity.
  • Communication for development: This focuses on reaching the targeted public in Kenya with key information messages on issues affecting children in order to drive behavioral change through campaigns.


  • Ensure our products support digital rights such as privacy, access to information
  • Using our products and services to promote the rights of children and integrating child safeguards into our products.

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