Alipay is a remittance service that allows for the transfer of funds from an M-PESA customer to a beneficiary in China.​

The M-PESA customer can either send the funds to their mobile number or bank account​.

Benefits of Alipay

  • Alipay is easily accessible to customers i.e., on M-PESA APP Services Tab Alipay mini app and USSD.
  • Easy transfer and reception - A customer can send to the mobile number or bank
  • Precise and convenient - Customers can send money to individuals in China and when in the event they enter an incorrect Alipay ID, the transaction does not go through


The service is available to

  • M-PESA registered customer
  • Individual customers, not a business
  • Maximum of 2 lines is allowed on M-PESA and Alipay.

Transaction limits

M-PESA transaction limits apply.

  • Maximum daily transfer: KSh300,000
  • Maximum single transfer: KSh150,000
  • Minimum single transfer: KSh 101

Frequently asked questions

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