Nyoosha Shilingi Offer

Nyoosha Shilingi is a new data offer that stretches the value of data purchased by up to 100% on select data bundle plans at the same price. Based on the data bundle you buy, you get to enjoy up to 100% extra data that aims to stretch your usage while enhancing your experience online. The offer is open to all Safaricom customers whether on prepaid, postpaid or hybrid. It is also possible to extend the expiry date of your current data plan by purchasing another before the expiration date. Nyoosha shilingi offer can also be purchased for another number and can serve as a good gift for your friends and family!

The new data plans are available on *544#, *555#, MySafaricom App, Blaze app and www.safaricom.com/bundles

Get on board and enjoy a longer time online.

Nyoosha Shilingi Offer FAQs

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