Creating Sustainable and inclusive growth through the entire value chain

In the spirit of leaving no one behind, we champion compliance with safety, remuneration and human rights issues and reduce inequality by promoting diversity and inclusion throughout our value chain while ensuring minorities' representation in our business relationships.

We focus on our business partners:

  1. Suppliers

Our strong relationship with our suppliers is based on ongoing, open engagement through forums and the Supplier Recognition Awards. Assessing supplier performance by ensuring they sign up to our Supplier Code of conduct.

Further, we have the Women in Business (WIB) programme which seeks to increase the number of women-owned businesses in our supply chain. This is done through training, capacity building, mentorship and coaching among others.

  1. Dealers

Our engagements with our dealers such as the face-to-face forums have further enhanced Safaricom’s relationship with them. We provide trainings and financial support through partnerships with banks such as ABSA, Cooperative Bank and Family Bank.

  1. Agents

Our agents act as brand ambassadors, helping us to reach a wide range of customers. Our network of agents is primarily involved in M-PESA, facilitating deposits, withdrawals and registration. We strategically support them financially by facilitating partnerships with banks for unsecured short-term loans.


100% integration of the UN Guiding Principles and enactment of responsible sourcing principles in our supply chain.

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