Net Zero

Safaricom is tracking its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions; energy efficiency, resource consumption and cost; waste and e-waste, together with emissions reduction.

  • Tree growing

Environmental consideration is strongly linked to our purpose. One of our ongoing priorities is our carbon offset reafforestation programme which aims to grow five million indigenous trees by 2025. In partnership with local communities and the Kenya Forest Service, the programme is transforming lives through income generation, skills and climate mitigation. 

  • Energy efficiency

Optimizing energy efficiency is a key strategy for achieving our emission reduction targets. One of the main ways we measure energy efficiency in our network is the cost of energy consumption per site. Our target is to reduce energy costs by 10% per annum.

 Given the rapid growth of our network and operations, it is imperative to implement energy efficiency measures if we are to achieve our emissions reduction target. As part of our energy strategy, we continue to modernize and optimize our energy infrastructure by upgrading capacity and retrofitting the following: rectifiers, lithium-ion batteries, super-capacitor storage, efficient air conditioners and hybrid power solutions.

  • Growing Renewable energy & Network Energy Mix

The energy mix for our network is comprised of the national grid, diesel generators and renewable solutions such as wind and solar. Our strategy for carbon reduction is anchored on transitioning as many sites as possible to renewable sources of energy. This means connecting new and existing sites to renewable energy or the national grid as the primary source of energy, given that Kenya’s national grid is almost fully based on renewable sources.


  • Achieve 20% annual emission reduction of emissions in our network
  • Grow 5M trees as part of our carbon offset programme by 2025
  • Purchase or generate 50% of energy needs from renewable sources by installing solar PV and battery storage for our sites.

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