Helping Society to Decarbonize

Accelerating decarbonisation efforts is critical, and mitigation and adaptation initiatives must be coordinated to enhance resilience and address present and future climate change consequences. Urgent action across industries is required to reduce emissions by 30% by 2030 and reach net-zero emissions by 2050.

We can help society decarbonize in the following ways:

  • At a technical level we intend to leverage on our products and services such as Internet of things (IOT) and 5G to digitize and make better use of resources and energy without losing quality or cost in areas such as buildings, cities, data centres, and manufacturing.
  • Partner for stronger reuse and recycling of commodities and products, rather than the linear "take-make-waste" approach, to create circular resource flows.
  • Accelerate the commercialization of breakthrough technology.
  • Advocate for climate change ambition at all policy levels, with climate incorporated into active workforce support, product standards, mandates, subsidies, procurement, and implementation of climate risk disclosure.
  • Engage in calls to action, unbiased research, and public discussions on climate change.


Helping Society to Decarbonise through digital technologies and services

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