Business to Business (B2B) Payments

Business-to-Business (B2B) Payment service is a value-added service that allows organizations to make payments to other organizations. The organization must have an existing M-PESA shortcode from which the payment is to be made.

The organization requires to fill in the B2B application form capturing all their shortcode to use in making payments as well as all organizations’ shortcodes to receive funds.

For the organization to make a B2B payment, there must be enough funds to transfer.

B2B transactions have been separated into the categories below which can be initiated as either single or bulk payments.

  • Business paybill to make payment to a Paybill organization,
  • Businesses buy goods to make payment to a Buy Goods till.
  • B2B float movement to transfer float to another organization short code Example applicable to M-PESA Agency head Office and Bulk payment(B2C)


To use this service, the paying organization:

  • Must have an existing shortcode from which payments shall be made. This can be a Paybill or Bulk Payment shortcode.
  • Will fill in the required documents to apply for this service, stating the M-PESA shortcodes for the organizations to be paid.

Application Process

Fill in the application form and terms and conditions and attach the required documents and provide administrator details. The administrator will be created and can log in to the portal.

The required application documentation document include:

  • Board resolution.
  • Signatories ID/Passport copy.
  • CR12 for limited companies.
  • Copy of ID/passport of the nominated administrator and Business Certificate of Registration (Optional).

The application documents can be handed over to the account manager. You can also send the documents to email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / submitted to any Safaricom retail center.

B2B Payment User Guides and Attachments

B2B Application Form

B2B Terms and Conditions

M-PESA Payments portal B2B User Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

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