M-PESA Business Till

The M-PESA Business till is an enhancement of the existing Lipa Na M-PESA Buy Goods till that enables business owners to collect payments on the till and use the money collected to make other transactions directly from their till.

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Lipa na M-PESA Short Term Pay Bill

Medical Fund

  1. Duly filled and signed short term Paybill application form and Terms and Conditions stating purpose and duration.(Provided by Safaricom)
  2. Copy of ID/Passport/Alien /Military card of the applicant
  3. Certified supporting documents from the hospital/doctor treating the patient which should confirm the need for the collection e.g. reference to an operation/required treatment (on the institution’s letter head, stamped and signed by authorized personnel).

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Lipa Na M-PESA Account Opening

Lipa na M-PESA is a cashless payment service that allows customers to make payments for goods and services securely and conveniently. We have put in place below Lipa na M-PESA KYC requirements to continue serving you better while ensuring that the service remains safe and secure

Download the documents below to begin the account opening process.

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Pochi La Biashara

Pochi La Biashara is a product that allows business owners such as: food vendors, small kiosk owners, boda-boda operators, second hand clothes dealers, etc. to receive and separate business funds from personal funds on their M-PESA line. 

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Collect payments easily with no time limitations through M-PESA.

The Paybill service is a cash collection service that allows your organisation to collect money on a regular basis from your customers through M-PESA.

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