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Manage Your M-PESA

Safaricom M-Ledger

With the new Safaricom M-Ledger App, you can now keep track of your M-PESA account details the easy and safe way. The Safaricom M-Ledger is a free android application that transforms your phone into a financial journal from your M-PESA transactions.

The App works by scanning your existing M-PESA SMS messages on your phone and creating a database from them. The more SMS messages you have, the more information M-Ledger will have to work with.

It offers different advantages which include:

  • View your M-PESA transactions.
  • In Built advanced Reports
  • Automatic Sync of all Transactions to Web (for business users)
  • Extensive reporting & Charting on M-Ledger Web
  • Advanced Search capability
  • What’s even better is that it offers all these great functions for free!


M-Ledger offers you great benefits, they include:

  • Convenience: It is just by a click of a button and you have all your information.
  • Accessibility: It is easily accessible and at no cost.
  • Paperless: The App is installed on mobile thus no documentation is need.  
  • Secure: It can only be accessed by the owner.


What you waiting for, click here to download and install the M-Ledger App to get your M-PESA transactional statements and keep track of your transactions the quick, easy and safe way!

Safaricom M-ledger Terms and Conditions

Safaricom Bill Manager

Paying bills with M-PESA just got easier, with the new service ‘Bill Manager” you will now be able to:

  • Save and pay your bills via M-PESA all in one transaction
  • Set weekly or monthly reminders for your bill payments.
  • Save your frequently paid bills.

To access the service, dial * 234# select M-PESA Product and then select Bill Manager.


M-PESA Statements

You can now receive Monthly M-PESA statements easily and conveniently.

  •  Simply dial *234# from your mobile phone to access the menu, Select ‘My M-PESA Information’, then ‘M-PESA Statement’.  
  •  Select ‘Full Statement’ then register with your National ID or document of registration number, then enter and confirm your email. 
  •  You will then get a message confirming that you have registered for the service.
  •  Your M-PESA statement will be sent to you via email by the 5th of every month.

So wherever you are receive M-PESA statements at your convenience.