M-PESA is regulated by Central Bank of Kenya.


Pochi La Biashara

Receive and separate your business funds from personal funds on your M-PESA line.

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Short-Term PayBill

Fundraise for emergency medical bills, funerals, weddings, education and charity

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Credit & Savings

Grow your money and enjoy affordable mobile loans with reliable M-PESA solutions.

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M-PESA Journey

Celebrating 10 years of changing lives. Together we've come a long way.

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Getting Started

To register for M-PESA, visit your nearest M-PESA agent or Safaricom retail centre.

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The API provides open interfaces over standard protocols through web services. Developers can hook directly to the core M-PESA and get creative with the systems they run.

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M-PESA global is a service that enables M-PESA registered customers to send and receive money globally.

M-PESA customers will be able to send funds;

  1. To East Africa: Rwanda, Tanzania & Uganda
  2. Globally: To millions of Bank accounts and over 500,000 Western Union locations globally.
  3. Paypal: Access funds quickly and shop around the world with PayPal mobile money service with M-PESA.

M-PESA registered customers will receive the funds from abroad on their M-PESA account.

  • Dial *840#
  • Accept terms and conditions to Opt in
  • Select send money abroad


  • On the Safaricom App, select M-PESA
  • Select M-PESA Global
  • Accept terms and conditions to Opt in
  • Select Send

The minimum amount to send is KSHS 101 and maximum of KSHS 70,000

The recipient will receive funds in their country’s currency

Zero charges, Prevailing Forex Rates apply.

Safaricom and a number of money transfer services have partnered to ensure that it will not cost you a cent to receive money from US, UK, Europe, and UAE. These partners are:


Next time, you are sending school fees home, remember it doesn't have to cost the recipient a thing when you send to M-PESA.

East Africa just got closer than you ever imagined. Send and receive cash fast and conveniently across the region through M-PESA. Whether it’s sending cash to your business partners in Rwanda, sending pocket money to your college going children in Uganda, sending money to family in Tanzania or suppliers in Kenya, you can do it all through your phone.
It’s quick and easy;

  • When in TZ simply dial *150*00# and then “Send money to MPESA Kenya” on your Vodacom line
  • When in Rwanda; dial *830# to send money to Kenya from your MTN line.
  • When in Uganda; dial *165# to send money to Kenya from your MTN line.

This service is available in all countries except sanctioned countries e.g. North Korea and Syria.

This service is currently available in Germany, China and UAE. Other countries will be included in due course.

This is a 2 LETTER abbreviation for country names e.g. ZA for South Africa, TD for Chad, KE for Kenya, UG, TZ, etc. ISO may not always be the first two letters of the country name.

When sending funds to South Africa the sender is required to input a secret word. The recipient will be required to have the secret word details at the collection point to receive the funds.

For all customer care queries, kindly call 100 or 200



  1. OPt in
  • Dial *840#
  • Select Opt in
  • Read Terms and conditions
  • Accept / Decline
  • Enter M-PESA PIN
  • Then Wait for confirmation SMS
  1. USSD Procedure
  • Dial *840#
  • Select Western Union Location
  • Select New Recipient
  • Enter First name
  • Enter Last name
  • Enter Middle name
  • Enter Amount
  • Pick Destination
  • Enter 2 letter Country ISO(Where user selects ‘Other’)
  • Enter Purpose of funds
  • Enter source of funds
  • Confirm transaction details and charges
  • Enter M-PESA PIN

Customer will receive M-PESA SMS and another SMS with the MTCN from M-PESA Global which should be shared with the Recipient


  1. MySafararicom App Procedure
  • Launch the App, internet connection is required
  • Navigate to M-PESA> M-PESA Global > Opt in
  • Read and accept Terms and Conditions
  • Enter M-PESA PIN and wait for confirmation SMS

Kenyans shopping on Aliexpress.com will be presented with M-PESA as one of the payment options when checking out their shopping cart on the website. Once customers select M-PESA, they will then key in their mobile phone numbers and will subsequently receive a prompt on their phones to type their M-PESA PIN to complete the payment.


AliExpress customers selecting M-PESA as a payment channel will have their total cost displayed in Kenya Shillings with standard Lipa Na M-PESA Paybill charges applicable for each transaction. As has been the case, shoppers will also have the option of using their post office box numbers as the delivery location for their items.


AliExpress Easter Cashback FAQs

AliExpress Easter Cashback Promo

What are the benefits?

  1. Enjoy the convenience of easy transfers from your account any time.
  2. Lowers the risk associated with handling cash.
  3. Make easy payments through M-PESA with the cash withdrawn


How do I access this service?

This service is available to M-PESA registered customers through:

  • Via USSD for Bank to M-PESA
  • To enjoy the service, register for Mobile banking with your bank and register for M-PESA at any agent outlet countrywide. Registration is FREE.


How to make a bank to M-PESA transaction

  • This service is available via USSD (short) code.
  • You need to register for mobile banking or internet banking with your branch to get the short code to allow you move money from your bank account into your M-PESA account conveniently.
  • Simply dial the USSD number and follow the instructions (this menu is different for different banks)


How to make an M-PESA to Bank Transaction

  • This is service is available via PayBill.
  • Go to M-PESA menu on your phone
  • Go to Lipa na M-PESA, PayBill option
  • Enter the banks business number (consult with bank)
  • Enter account number which is your bank account number
  • Enter amount
  • Enter M-PESA pin.
  • SMS confirmation received on phone


View the Mobile Banking Codes here

Going to Nairobi or Mombasa? Start off your Madaraka Express experience in style.


Simply dial *639# to buy a Madaraka Express ticket and pay via M-PESA. It’s easy and fast!

  • Buy up to a maximum of 5 tickets in one transaction 24/7 from the comfort of your home, office or even while on the go.
  • You can book your ticket seven (7) days in advance plus a return ticket as long as it is within (seven) 7 day window period.
  • You may also buy tickets over the counter at the Mombasa and Nairobi termini and at the respective departing intermediate station or by calling 0709 388888 and paying via M-PESA
  • Group bookings of over 20 passengers must be made nine (9) days to the travel date.

The G2 M-PESA platform offers versatile integration capabilities that our development partners can take advantage of, to create excellent M-PESA journeys across the different industries they serve.


We have been consolidating the different interfaces our developers have expressed interest in to enable innovation around M-PESA and allow for third party applications to easily plug into M-PESA.

The API provides open interfaces over standard protocols through web services. Developers can hook directly to the core M-PESA and get creative with the systems they run. Let’s look at the payments use cases below:

  1. Automated Payment Receipt Processing: Imagine the different scenarios that require customers to pay and have this processed instantly! Before G2, this was handled purely through Instant Payment Notification (IPN) which has served quite well. As the name indicates, IPN is only for notification processing. The use cases for payment processing are as many as your imagination can get – from utility bills to m/ecommerce, and the future is likely to get even more interesting.

    With the new system, the notifications are taken a notch higher by incorporating an optional payment validation step for Paybill. This allows the payment recipient (merchants) to confirm whether to accept the incoming payment or not. While this may not sound very beneficial at the face of it, think of how many customers send payments to the right Paybill number but enter the wrong account. Money moves from the customer's M-PESA account but their service payment will not be processed and they have to follow up. This has been creating a big problem with the merchants, leading to massive reversal requests. This can now be handled through the validation API which allows the recipient to validate any of the payment parameters, including, account, amount and even sender and only accept the payment if processing can be guaranteed.
  2. Automated Payment Disbursements: Many systems that process receipts will also require outward payments processing. This could range from employees' salary disbursements to paying other merchants that accept M-PESA payments. This feature was only available via web portal for business to customers (B2C) with limitations on capacity that made it unsuitable for large disbursements. With the new platform, developers can have this done via API, which empowers them and cuts off the manual process of generating payments file, putting it in the right format then uploading it via the web portal, after which it has to be approved by a different user. With the B2C API, this is now seamless.
  3. Automated Payments Reversal: Even with an elaborate system, there is always a unique case that calls for a reversal. Imagine a situation where a customer has made a payment for services that the merchant is no longer able to render. The best way to handle this would be to have a reversal process that the merchant can adapt based on their internal processes. G2 supports secure payment reversal automation for such cases. The implementation will fully depend on the service journey and controls required at the recipient's business.


The future we once thought very distant of machine to machine payments is here and now. The only limitation to the adaption is the developer's imagination.

For any feedback or onboarding requests, Kindly contact 


Interested in the M-PESA API? Click here


MySafaricom App offers you a convenient self-service channel to manage your M-PESA and Safaricom accounts and interact with our customer care. Whether you are an Android or iOS user, you may download the App from the Safaricom App Store, Apple Store or from the Google Play Store and enjoy convenience.


How to download the mySafaricom App

  • Download the App from either the Apple store or Google Playstore.
  • Launch the App, enter your mobile number, Email (optional) and click Generate PIN
  • You will receive an SMS with a One Time PIN (OTP). DO NOT SHARE THIS PIN
  • Accept the Terms and Conditions and the App will launch the homepage.


Services available on mySafaricom App

  • Request for M-PESA statement
  • Transact on M-PESA i.e. send money, withdraw, paybills, buy goods, buy airtime, opt in to Fuliza, access loans & savings or unlock your account.
  • Access M-PESA Global where you can use WU send, Paypal, Send money to MTN Uganda, Rwanda and Vodacom TZ.
  • View, redeem and transfer Bonga points
  • Buy data and SMS bundle
  • Talk to a customer care agent through Live Chat, Facebook or Twitter
  • Cost calculator access


How to secure the App

  • Go to settings
  • Secure with PIN
  • Activate using the Service PIN
  • You will be required to enter this PIN whenever you access the App

Safaricom has partnered with BuuPass to launch an online service where travelers in the country can book and purchase bus tickets. The service is currently available with five bus operators including Easy Coach, Modern Coast, Greenline, Palmers and East African Shuttles.


Customers can access the service by dialing *877# and at buupass.com with payments accepted through M-PESA.


Through the app, customers can select a bus operator, preferred travel date and time, and reserve specific seat numbers. 


Customers can also reserve seats for multiple travelers, with tickets printed at the bus station after presentation of the confirmation SMS.

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