Safaricom CEO Term At The UN Global Compact Renewed

The United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki Moon has renewed Bob Collymore’s term as a Board Member of the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC). Mr. Collymore is the CEO of Safaricom Ltd, a leading Kenyan integrated communications company.

Mr. Collymore’s term has been extended for another three years in recognition of his remarkable contribution to championing the work of the Global Compact across Africa.

Across the continent, Mr. Collymore has gained prominence as a thought leader on the four critical issues that the UNGC focuses on; Ethics and Anti-Corruption; Human Rights; the Environment and Labour Issues.

Since his initial appointment to the board in April 2012, Mr. Collymore has been instrumental in championing ethics and governance, the Africa Responsible Business strategy and corporate leadership.

Through proactive participation as a member of the Anti-Corruption working group of the UNGC, Mr. Collymore has also been a key member of a team on the board who are working to make sustainability and responsible business relevant for Africa.

He has also provided constant strategic advice and guidance to the Kenyan Global Compact Local Network Office, strengthening the value proposition and reinforcing the advantages of becoming a member of the Kenyan chapter

During his tenure, he has mobilised Safaricom’s Leadership Team to promote the network among their respective business partners and has embedded the Global Compact principles in the business.

As a business, Safaricom has dedicated itself to deliver the four focus areas of the UN Global Compact which include human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption and has seconded full time staff to the Global Compact, Kenya Chapter.

The UN Global Compact Board is the world’s largest corporate citizenship initiative that encourages businesses globally to adopt sustainable and socially responsible policies.

The Board which is comprised of 30 members is chaired by the UN Secretary General and provides high level strategic advice relating to the evolving United Nations-Business relationship.

Members are appointed by the Secretary General on recommendation from the board Nominating Committee, based on input from the Global Compact Office.


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