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March 23, 2011…Safaricom Ltd is on a bold journey to further accelerate its growth and purposefully cement its presence in the hearts and minds of customers.

On March 10th, CEO, Bob Collymore presented a new organizational structure which created the customer focused Strategic Business Units (SBUs) and streamlined the supporting Corporate Centre. It is fundamentally aligned to Safaricom's strategic direction.

The leaner structure presents 3 Revenue Centres: Financial Services, Enterprise and Consumer business and 6 Function positions.

After a week of talent assessments of the leaders and in consultation with the Board, Mr Collymore has today announced his new leadership team:

  • Peter Arina - General Manager, Consumer Business
  • Betty Mwangi-Thuo - General Manager, Financial Services
  • Chris Tiffin - CFO
  • Joe Ogutu - Director, Resources
  • Ivor Wekesa - Director, Risk Management
  • Nzioka Waita - Director, Legal, Regulatory and External Affairs

In addition to the above appointments, Pauline Warui will continue to Head Customer Service, Clare Ruto will head the Legal and Regulatory Affairs and Wangari Murugu will continue to Head Marketing. Francis Murabula will also continue with the company as Head of Procurement and Logistics, while Les Baillie will continue managing Investor Relations reporting to the CFO.

The following positions remain vacant although the process to fill them has already been initiated.

  • General Manager/Enterprise Business
  • Technical & IT Director
  • Director - Marketing & Customer Service
  • Executive Business Analyst

"I am excited about these appointments. We have the right people with the right experiences, in the right roles who will do the right work as they champion the agenda."

Mr Collymore also announced that he had accepted the decisions of John Barorot and Robert Mugo to transition out of Safaricom Ltd as they seek new opportunities.

John joined Safaricom Ltd at its outset over 10 years ago and has played a pivotal role in the critical Technical function. Alongside colleagues, he grew the biggest technical network in the region. Robert's stint at Safaricom has been shorter but just as impactful in the IT front.

Mr Collymore is wasting no time as he seeks to complete his organizational change process. As he stated, "The process upon which we have embarked is absolutely necessary for our journey towards a Safaricom 2.0. We have to be obsessed about understanding and meeting the needs of our customers and delivering exceptional network quality. I firmly believe that we will exceed our promises to customers and motivate our employees through a reinvigorated organization"


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