M-PESA Foundation Academy Wins Top ICT Award

The M-PESA Foundation Academy has become the first learning institution to be recognised as the Company of the year at the East Africa CIO awards.

The 4-year-old school also received two other recognitions for their use of ICT in both teaching and learning.

“We are honored to have been recognised for our integration of technology in the way we deliver education. Our learners and teachers have fully embraced technology in the way they learn and teach including delivery of content, assessment, research and presentations. From the time they join, students are engaged in coding, animation, robotics, amongst other programs that make use of the advanced infrastructure that we have put in place”, said Paul Ngugi, Head of Technology and Learning Innovations, M-PESA Foundation Academy.

The institution’s Head of Technology and Learning Innovations was also among those shortlisted for the prestigious East Africa CIO of the Year Award which was won by James Kizza, Assistant Commissioner IT, Uganda Revenue Authority.

“We believe in offering a world class, well rounded learning environment to develop the future leaders of the African continent. The Academy places great emphasis on the holistic development of all our learners not just in academics but also in technology, music, sports, the arts, outdoor pursuits and community service. This particular fete is recognition for the amazing work that our Technology and Learning Innovations team has done to ensure that our learners and educators are exposed to the latest technology and learning management systems,” said Les Baillie, CEO, M-PESA Foundation Academy.

Last year The Airbus Foundation partnered with M-PESA Foundation Academy to launch the Little Engineer Program in Kenya which aims at encouraging students between the age of 10 and 16 to understand and embrace technology and ignite the passion that could grow into an exciting career in the fields of (STEM) Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics

The M-PESA Foundation Academy offers a platform for economically disadvantaged students with Learners joining form one being offered full 4-year scholarships.


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