Our Service Delivery

Our promise to you

We commit to deliver superior products and customer experiences that are Simple, Transparent and Honest for you!!

We promise to:

  • Be pleasant and professional while interacting with you.
  • Create a simple and personalized digital experience.
  • Empower you through Self Service.
  • Endeavour to provide a reliable, safe, and secure M-PESA experience.
  • Attend to you within *5 mins when you interact with us.
  • Acknowledge your complaints within 2 hours and respond within 24 hours.
  • Provide an 'always on' superior network.
  • Be confidential by always upholding your privacy.
  • Listen to your views and suggestions to serve you better.
  • Acknowledge your requests for further technical intervention and provide resolution time as follows

Resolution Time


Resolution Time

Voice Services

24 Hours

Financial Services

(M-PESA Fuliza etc.)

12 to 168 Hours

Data Services

24 to 48 Hours

Fixed Data

2 to 120 Hours

Value Added Services

(SKIZA, Bonga, App etc.)

6 to 72 Hours

Billing Services

24 to 48 Hours

SIM Card

6 to 72 Hours

Enterprise Business

24 to 120 Hours

You can help us serve you better by providing us with the required information or documentation when you contact us. Giving us your views, suggestions, and feedback.

  • Digital services may be affected by device type, query volumes, system latency and technical downtimes outside of Safaricom control.
  • Fixed Data Services do not include new Fiber roll out or Last mile connection.

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